Sunbeam Heating Pad Flashing F

Everyone loves a heating pad for their aches and pains. It improves circulation, reduces pain and stiffness, so much more effective than running a bath! today! Running one on high can be intense, however, especially it starts flashing a red light. Let’s take a look at how you can fix the connection on your heating pad when it flashes red on high.

Heating pads can make for a handy tool for a variety of reasons. For those with aches and pains, primarily back pains, a heating pad can be an invaluable tool. Constant heat can loosen tight muscles as well.

What happens when the heating pad light flashes red? The most common reason is that the heating pad is not properly connected to the control cord. The simplest fix is usually to ensure that the connection is proper. If it continues to flash, it could indicate that the heating pad’s connection is defective.

This problem can happen when the plug gets hot from your heating pad being plugged on for too long. Read our guide to see if this is why the problem is taking place.

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The F message can be seen on the control if the pad detaches from the cord. You can easily fix this by plugging the cord into the outlet again and taking the plug out of the wall outlet.

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What are the Benefits of a Heating Pad?

We know that heating pads can be good for our muscles and joints, but what can it really do? Knowing the full extent of what a heating pad can do can open a new world of possibilities, especially those with pre-existing ailments.

  • Improved circulation. When circulation is inhibited, it can have far-reaching impacts on the body. By improving circulation, the body gets oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and joints at an accelerated pace. That improved circulation helps with inflammation, damaged muscles, and to improve back stiffness.
  • Reduce pain and stiffness. One of the most common reasons to use a heating pad revolves around back pain. When it gets to be bad enough, back pain can be nearly debilitating. A heating pad can loosen up tense, stiff, and aching muscles, providing greater comfort and lesser pain.
  • Better than baths. Hot baths can provide all of the same health benefits of a heating pad. But you have to draw a bath, get into the water, the water gets cold, etc. A heating pad means having pain relief when you want it without all the hassle involved.
  • The Flashing F on a Heating Pad

    In most cases, a heating pad will have a flashing red light when there is an issue. Depending on the brand of heating pad, though, it may actually be a flashing “F” on the display instead. Don’t get confused, however. It has basically the same message.

    The flashing F is an indication that the heating pad’s connection has not been closed tightly enough. The control area is not properly attached to the plug that goes into the wall, preventing the heating pad from properly working.


    Why is my Sunbeam heating pad blinking F?

    Thank you for contacting Sunbeam®! We are sorry to hear that your Sunbeam® Heating Pad with XpressHeat shuts off and starts flashing F. This is caused by the cord not being tightly connected to the pad or if it’s plugged into an extension.

    How do I fix the F on my heating pad?

    The flashing F means it needs to be reset. I think there are directions on the Sunbeam website. I have had fairly good luck when it happens to unplug from the wall, the unplug from the pad. Wait 20 minutes and plug in the pad.

    How do you fix the F on the Sunbeam heating pad?

    The F message can be seen on the control if the pad detaches from the cord. You can easily fix this by plugging the cord into the outlet again and taking the plug out of the wall outlet.

    How do I reset my Sunbeam heat pad?

    Response from Sunbeam:

    We recommend you to reset your heating pad by unplugging and plugging it back in. Make sure to check the cord if it’s tightly connected and plug it into a wall outlet.

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