Texas Physical Therapy Jurisprudence Exam

What happens if an item is answered incorrectly?

If an item is answered incorrectly the first time, a link to the appropriate references within the TX JAM will be provided. If the item is answered incorrectly a second time, the correct answer and the rationale will be displayed, and the item will be marked as incorrect.

When will the TX JAM requirement go into effect?

The new requirement for applicants and licensees who are renewing to take the TX JAM was effective June 1, 2017.

Who must take the TX JAM?

Individuals applying for initial PT or PTA licensure in Texas will need to take the TX JAM as a licensure requirement. Current licensees will be required to take the TX JAM prior to renewing either their PT or PTA license, as well as individuals who are restoring their TX PT or PTA license.


Is Texas Jurisprudence exam open book?

The exam is an open-book exam used to assess the candidate’s knowledge of applicable laws governing the practice of psychology and must be taken no more than 6 months prior to submitting an application for licensure to the Council. The cutoff score (i.e. passing scores) for the exam can be found in 22 TAC 463.31.

Is the Texas jurisprudence exam timed?

Is the Jurisprudence Exam timed and how long to I have to complete the exam? The exam is not timed.

What is the Texas jurisprudence assessment?

The TX JAM or Jurisprudence Assessment Module is an online and on-demand learning and assessment tool that evaluates knowledge of the Texas Physical Therapy Practice Act and Rules as well as the basis for ethical decision-making and physical therapy related code of ethics and standards for ethical conduct.

What is jam and jurisprudence?

The FSBPT Jurisprudence Assessment Module (JAM) is a convenient, easy-to-use learning opportunity for applicants for physical therapist licensure, and for physical therapist and physical therapist assistants renewing their licenses, to meet certain jurisdiction-specific requirements.

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