The Ranch Cast Season 8

‘The Ranch’ is a comedy web television series by Netflix that takes place on the fictional Iron River Ranch in the fictitious town of Garrison, Colorado. It revolves around the dysfunctional family of the Bennetts, consisting of two brothers, their rancher father, and his divorced wife, a local bar owner.

Created by Don Reo and Jim Patterson, ‘The Ranch’ first made its way to viewers’ screens in 2016. Each 20-episode season of the show is released in two equal parts of 10 episodes each. Season 1 Part 1 premiered on April 1, 2016, and was followed by Part 2 on October 7, 2016. The two parts of Season 2 premiered on June 16, 2017, and December 15, 2017, respectively, and Season 3 followed the pattern, with its two parts airing on June 15, 2018, and December 7, 2018.

Soon after the end of part 6, Netflix renewed the show for another season. Part 7 premiered in September 2019. Here’s everything we know about The Ranch season 8.

The Ranch Season 8 Cast List

Ashton Kutcher Colt Reagan Bennett
Danny Masterson Jameson “Rooster” Ford Bennett
Debra Winger Maggie Bennett
Sam Elliott Beau Roosevelt Bennett
Elisha Cuthbert Abby Phillips-Bennett
Barry Corbin Dale Rivers
Grady Lee Richmond Hank McGinty
Bret Harrison Kenny Ballard
Megyn Price Mary Roth
Kelli Goss Heather Roth
Molly McCook Darlene Roth
Kathy Baker Joanne
Ethan Suplee “Beer Pong” Billy Tompkins
Justin Mooney Deputy Wilkerson
Aimee Teegarden Nikki,
Chasty Ballesteros Tanya Showers
Laura Vallejo Maria,
Sharon Lawrence Brenda Sanders
Dawan Owens Rich
Maggie Lawson Jen
Wendie Malick Lisa Neumann
Dax Shepard Luke Matthews
Stephen Saux Mike
Van Epperson Father McGinty
Travis Case Toby Henderson,
Josh Burrow Nick
Casey Sander Roger Hollister

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Who is in the cast of The Ranch Part 8?

Rejoining the cast for its final installments is three-time Oscar nominee Debra Winger as Maggie Bennett, who sat out the first part of Season 4 but will be back to help to bring the show to a close. She will be joining all of the regular cast, which also includes:

  • Ashton Kutcher as Colt Bennett
  • Sam Elliott as Beau Bennett
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Abby
  • Grady Lee Richmond as Hank
  • Megyn Price as Mary
  • Kathy Baker as Joanne
  • One star who is unlikely to be returning, however, is Rooster actor Danny Masterson, fired after assault allegations emerged against him (which he denies). Bringing him back would be a hugely controversial move for the show, though Pop Culture reported he was present at The Ranchs wrap party.

    The Ranch Cast Season 8


    Why is The Ranch being Cancelled?

    Why did they stop making The Ranch? The Ranch, a sitcom on Netflix starring Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, was cancelled after it was revealed that Masterson had been accused of sexual assault by four different women.

    Who are the characters on The Ranch?

    The Ranch Recap: Is Dax Shepard’s Luke Matthews the New Rooster? Warning: The following contains spoilers from Episodes 6 and 7 of The Ranch Part 6. For our previous recap, click here. After saying goodbye to Danny Masterson’s Rooster Bennett, The Ranch’s latest half-season introduces us to Dax Shepard’s Luke Matthews.

    Who is the new guy on The Ranch?

    Luke Matthews (Dax Shepard), a veteran with a past connected to Iron River Ranch, shows up at his house in the back of a cop car. “Handsome, drunk. Yeah, he looks like one of us,” Colt says in the trailer.

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