Valentina Vs Farrah Moan

The infamous moment was even more awkward in the room

Its one of the most iconic moments in “Drag Race” herstory, as Screen Rant notes. The Season 9 lip-sync face-off between Valentina and Nina Bonina Brown began with the formers face covered by a mask, forcing RuPaul to stop the music and ask her to take it off — since its a lip-sync, so Valentinas mouth had to be visible for judging purposes. After Valentina infamously stated, “Id like to keep it on, please,” Ru demanded she remove the mask before continuing. And, if you can believe it, being there was even more awkward than watching at home.

Speaking on NikkieTutorials YouTube channel, “All Stars 5” winner Shea Couleé, who also competed in Season 9 with Valentina, shared how the mood in the room plummeted. “After she said: I would like to keep it on, please, you could tell the physical reaction RuPaul had to that because she snapped back at her like: So I stopped this lip-sync for nothing,” she revealed. Valentina got a shock, too, since shed been a favorite to win and the judges clearly adored her, “So, she literally froze and just stood there staring at RuPaul blankly, and RuPaul was like “Hello?”

Similar to RuPauls feud with Pearl, which was characterized by a workroom stare-down, Shea admitted, “There was just this stand-off, this awkward silence… It was insane.” Naturally, the rest of the cast was gagged as they watched from the back of the stage.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

  • “Hello, its me: Valentina!” (entrance quote)
  • “Im glad these girls see me as a threat.”
  • “I was literally shaking, but I said to myself: ‘Valentina, when in doubt, smile!’” (on Season 9s cheerleader challenge rehearsal)
  • “Im Valentina, Im also corny!” (on Season 9s cheerleader challenge)
  • “Im not gonna say nothing to that.” (to Aja, after her rant on Season 9 Episode 3s Untucked)
  • Escandalo!” (Spanish for “scandal”; Said to Farrah, after she explain the rapper Tygas relationship with the Kardashian family)
  • “Yeah, duh!”
  • “Alexis Michelle, youre oh so ♪BROOOADWAAAY♪, but youre also very broad.” (on Season 9s “Reading is Fundamental” challenge)
  • “Trinity Taylor, I once told you you were beautiful inside and out, I lied you ugly stripper!” (on Season 9s “Reading is Fundamental” challenge)
  • “Ladies, were gonna do an exercise. Everybody raise your arms up to the sky, and Shea this is for you, one word: DEODORANT, BITCH!” (on Season 9s “Reading is Fundamental” challenge)
  • “Peppermint. You need one.” (on Season 9s “Reading is Fundamental” challenge)
  • “Steve Harvey!” ( to RuPaul, as Ariadna Gutierrez on “Snatch Game”)
  • “In my country, were known for beautiful women, and I think, also… COCAÍNA.” (as Ariadna Gutierrez on “Snatch Game”)
  • “I can never win anything!” (as Ariadna Gutierrez on “Snatch Game”)
  • “You remind me of a cute hamster, I just want to shove you up my butt!”
  • “Id like to keep it on, please.” (when asked by RuPaul to remove her mask for the lip sync)
  • Hasta luego, los quiero mucho.” (Spanish for “See you soon, love yall”; exit quote)
  • “Farrah Moan, just shut up already!”
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4

  • “Am I the villain? Villaintina? Me?” (Meet the Queens)
  • “I know Im a lot. Its, like, a privilege but, like, a curse.” (Meet the Queens)
  • “Valentina is the diva of the season. The rumors are true: I take a long time to get ready. The rumors are true: I have high expectations, like my heels.” (Meet the Queens)
  • “Fan favorite is here!” (entrance quote)
  • “Whos a booger now, bitch?” (reading Manila Luzon).
  • “Ru, Mystique was a mistake. Oh Im sorry, its Latrice! I love you girl!” (referring to Latrice Royale during All Stars 4’s “Reading is Fundamental” challenge)
  • “Id like to take it off, please.”
  • “Ladies! Gentleman! And Trinity!”
  • “You know in your heart that there is not a flaw in this outfit.”
  • “I now have the opportunity to completely redeem myself with an Ariana Grande song.”
  • “I mean, I know Im Mexican, but I dont even know how to clean.”
  • “Pull my lever!” (as Eartha Kitt in Snatch Game of Love)
  • “Boots the house down, mama, yes gawd. *tongue pop*”
  • “So you think I can go home tonight?” (to Trinity The Tuck)
  • “Im sending your ass home, bitch, because sending Latrice? Thats too much.” (to Trinity The Tuck)
  • “How dare you.”
  • “Sorry Im late! Sorry Im late!” (during the “Jersey Justice” challenge)
  • “I work there, I strip there, I live there!” (during the “Jersey Justice” challenge)
  • “Giant tittie lady?” (when asked what GTL means, during the “Jersey Justice” challenge)
  • “You look like fuckin Joan Rivers you fuckin whore!” (to Trinity The Tuck during the “Jersey Justice” challenge)
  • “Ladies Im boiling, my blood is simmering through my veins and I have some things to say, okay? I am DEEPLY and UTTERLY offended, that judge with the bun and the gold, I do not appreciate her non-constructive criticism of my beautiful outfit.”
  • “Cant you see her now, with a juicy red apple in her mouth and Satans finger up her ass?” (referring to Lady Bunny, during her roast)
  • “You think this is cute? This story of lets just get rid of the bitch. Well you know what bitches I still got another motherfucking week!” (to Manila Luzon and Monét X Change after they reveal their elimination choice was her)
  • “Sending me home doesnt make sense with my fantasy.”
  • “But all I can say is that no matter what… were still in our heels.” (to Naomi Smalls)
  • “Ill always remain… your diva with a heart. But bitch, let it be known: she left with a crown.” (exit quote)
  • “I love you so much, mi amor, so much I wanna die! If you were to hurt me, baby, I’m leaving tonight. Eres mi amor y te regalo mi coochie-coo! When loving you, baby, no me hagas go crazy, ‘cause I am not the fool!” (verse in Don’t Funk It Up)
  • “Ladies, I love you with all my heart. If ever you need me, Im yours. Con amor, Valentina” (“con amor” being Spanish for “with love”) ㅤ

    “UGH! I have to pack. Love you all, Valentina”

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