Vimto Drink Side Effects

The Vimto Cordial drink is ideal because it has a high sugar content and flavor Give your body extra energy after a day without eating. This is a great benefit of this drink at a time when your body needs more energy.

What is the Benefit of Vimto?

If this drink doesn’t offer a ton of great health benefits, then you might be wondering why it is so popular.

Well, the reason for this is that Vimto Cordial is a drink that is common to have during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan.

Places like the United Kingdom and the Middle East that have a large Muslim population see high numbers of Vimto being sold during this time. So, why does this happen?

Well, for those who don’t know, Ramadan is a month-long tradition for Muslims where they fast from sun-up to sun-down. This is in honor of a prophet being given the first chapter of the holy book known as the Qur’an.

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Tea or coffee without sugar

Although some people think that the caffeine in tea and coffee might damage their health, this isn’t the case for most people. In fact, drinking moderate amounts (4-5 cups a day) of tea or coffee has been linked to benefits for reducing risk of CVD and type 2 diabetes.

Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others and find that it can be associated with palpitations. If this is you, it’s worth limiting the amount you drink, or you could try a decaffeinated version or a caffeine-free alternative like herbal teas (without added sugar or honey). Children and young people are also likely to be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine too. Pregnant women are advised to limit the amount of caffeine they have to 200 milligrams (mg) a day. This is about the same as two mugs of instant coffee.

Bear in mind that adding milk and cream will add fat and calories. If you like your drink with milk, use low-fat milk – semi-skimmed, 1% or skimmed.

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  • FAQ

    What is the benefits of Vimto?

    The high sugar level and the strong flavour works as a welcome energy boost after a day of no food or drink.

    Is Vimto safe to drink?

    Vimto has some great uses for some, but overall, it is not considered a healthy beverage for the average person. High amounts of sugar can affect your body in many ways, and many of them are negative. So, if you insist on drinking cordials because you enjoy the flavor, then do so infrequently.

    Does Vimto contain sugar?

    Vimto’s complete range uses only natural sugars (sucrose and fruit sugar), with the exception of Vimto Cordial Zero (sucralose) and Vimto Slush Blue Raspberry. All ingredients used in the production of the full Vimto portfolio are clearly marked on the packaging and approved by the regulatory authorities.

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