Water Country Usa Weight Limit

Single-Day General Parking is $25 and allows guests to park at our water park for one day. Parking upgrades are also available at the park.

There ARE weight limits on nearly all rides. All tube/raft slides are capped at 300lbs per rider (the total raft weight could be capped at 700lbs or 800lbs depending on which ride it is), however no single individual in that raft can exceed 300lbs. Only non weight limit attractions are the lazy river and wave pool.

How far is Water Country from Busch Gardens?

If you’re looking for more thrills, check out the world’s most beautiful theme park. Busch Gardens is located just three miles down the road from Water Country USA..

2300 Lafayette Road Water Country is located in beautiful Portsmouth, NH. We are easy to get to from Boston, Portland and the Manchester areas. Take Interstate 95 towards New Hampshire. Take Exit 5 and continue towards the “Portsmouth Traffic Circle.”.

Does water country have a weight limit?

Maximum Combined Weight – 400 Lbs. All riders must step on the platform and receive a green light to ride.

Can you smoke at Water Country USA?

Can I smoke or vape at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA? Smoking and vaping are only permitted in specific outdoor smoking locations throughout the park. Smoking Stations are designated in guest areas by smoking urns, benches and “designated Smoking Area” signs. All indoor areas will remain smoke-free environments.


Can you go to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA in same day?

No outside food, beverages, or coolers are allowed to be brought into Water Country USA, except you may bring a bottle of water or a refillable water bottle.

Is the water heated at Water Country USA?

Yes it is possible. If you go during the week when it isn’t as full and have a plan to go by. But then you will be rushing and not relaxing and enjoying the parks. When we do a week vacation, we will do one park in the morning, go back to hotel for an hour nap, then do the other park in the afternoon.

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