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In my everyday life, I buy and sell tickets regularly. Because of this, Ive had to get up close and personal with pretty much every single ticket resale site that exists. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure feels like Ive seen them all. Ive seen ticket sites that have a little to offer, have a lot to offer, or in a lot of cases, have the same kind-of-hidden, less-than-desirable things to offer.

Flash Seats is one of the ticket sites I hope most people would be wary of from the start. Its homepage is a jumbled up mess, to say the least. Its bright and flashy while also being really outdated and just hard to look at. They can even admit their website is more complicated than it has to be, offering a tutorial on how to buy/sell tickets on the homepage.

The thing that Flash Seats wants me to think sets it apart is the fact that it has no shipping fees because all tickets are transferred instantly. That admittedly is a nice feature, but I often urge others to be extra careful of tickets that are transferred instantly, for they can be easily counterfeit. Flash Seats does state they offer security. However, they dont share their exact policy pertaining to how they prevent stolen tickets or what happens in case of stolen tickets. They just simply state that the people who sell there are trustworthy.

Flash Seats seems to make everything a bit more complicated. As I read through the FAQ, it seemed that through FlashTickets, you dont actually get tickets but rather an ID to scan at the gate with your ID and credit card. This particular method just seems more complicated and leaves more room for error than a traditional ticketing method.

I went to search for tickets, but there is literally no search bar. There is really no way to search for tickets, period. In order to find a ticket, you have to browse through the site. This is extremely difficult since FlashSeats only displays their tickets in a long list with links. In fact, when you hit “Buy,” you are taken to a list of venues, not organized with any rhyme or reason seemingly.

Using FlashSeats is strange. It claims to be “the future of ticketing” while presenting itself in a way that is outdated. I may have given FlashSeats a chance out of curiosity if they had some sort of return policy, but it doesnt look like one of those is in place, and if there is, theyre hiding it from their customers.

With FlashSeats comes a lot of “I dont knows,” from me and from them. If Im trusting someone with something as valuable as my credit card information, I want to know they have my best interest in mind. I dont feel like FlashSeats does, or if they did, theyre not telling me, which brings me back to all of the “I dont knows.”

I cant recommend FlashSeats. The future may be now, but for ticketing, it doesnt seem like its with FlashSeats. Be safe and go with what you know.

What is Flash Seats? Flash Seats are digital tickets you use with the Flash Seats or AXS

AXS (pronounced access) is a digital marketing platform for purchasing tickets for sports and entertainment events in the United States, and internationally. It was developed and is operated by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) in partnership with Outbox Technology.

https://en.wikipedia.org › AXS_(company)

app – no paper tickets required – and they make getting in easier than ever. For many events, you can also transfer tickets to friends and sell tickets you can’t use.

Is Flash seats a legitimate website?

Legit, Reliable or perhaps a Scam? Flash Seats is really a ticketing system based purely online. They’re saying available tickets to offered out occasions and re-sell the tickets you don’t use instantly. After studying greater than 55 reviews, we don’t recommend Flash Seats like a legit web site to purchase or sell your event tickets.”

How do I create a Flash Seats account?

Go to the Flash Seats web site at world wide web.flashseats.com and click on “Register” towards the top of the page. You’ll be requested to go in some fundamental username and passwords, adopted from your charge card or driver’s license information.

How do I sell my Flash Seat tickets?

1. From your AXS account, click the Sell button next to the event. 2. Select tickets to sell, then set your price and selling options.

Ticketmaster is a very reliable ticket sales and distribution company owned by LiveNation. Ticketmaster is primarily a ticketing company, meaning you buy tickets at face value.


What does FLS mean on Ticketmaster?

When you purchase a ticket that is a Flash Seat, you won’t receive a PDF version of the tickets. Instead, Flash Seats is an ID based digital ticketing system. What that means, is that your tickets will be stored on the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card, drivers license, or in the Flash Seats app.

Are AXS and Flash Seats the same?

Michael Roth, AEG’s vice president of communications, told Crain’s on Friday, Aug. 28, that Flash Seats is “simply changing brands to AXS and being incorporated as AXS Mobile ID.” Roth added that the Flash technology “is still there and still the same.”

How do Flash Seats work?

Flash Seats® is our ID-based ticketing technology which provides you the flexibility and convenience to securely manage your tickets online or in the Flash Seats® mobile app. No more paper tickets to forget or misplace.

What are Flash Seats Staples Center?

Flash Seats® is our ID-based ticketing technology which provides you the flexibility and convenience to securely manage your tickets online or in the Flash Seats® mobile app. No more paper tickets to forget or misplace.

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