What Does Ie Mean On Lg Washer

When it comes to LG washing machines, the two most basic functions it must do are let water in and drain water out. However, your washer will stop working and display an error code if it fails to perform either one of those actions.

When your LG washer shows the IE error code, that means it’s experiencing an input error. The Input in question is the inflow of water which has failed to happen. Most likely, there’s a failed water inlet valve, a problem with the incoming water supply or water hose, or a blocked inlet filter. Without any water flowing in, your LG washer can’t start a new wash cycle.

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into what the IE code means on your LG washer, its most likely causes, and the solutions you can use to fix it.

An IE error code indicates that the washer was unable to fill with water. During cold and freezing weather conditions, an IE error code could mean the water in the water supply lines are frozen. Once the temperature increases above freezing, the water supply will resume.

Why your LG washing machine displays the IE error code

When an error occurs in the LG washing machines without a display, the indicators “Wash” — “Pre-wash” blink or light.

The IE error means that your washing machine fills slowly (the error occurs after 4 minutes), or the washer won’t fill at all.

IE error in washing machine is quite common. People who use LG washing machines may usually come across this error. Know the reasons and learn how to fix them. Written By

An IE error code in LG washing machines signals that the machine’s washer was not filled with water in the allotted time. This could also be possible due to a faulty water inlet valve or a problem with a drain hose among others. In certain instances of cold and freezing weather conditions, an IE error may also indicate that the water from the water supply lines has frozen. So, once the temperature rises above freezing, the water supply goes back to normal.

Apart from this, there could be many possible reasons you see an IE error code on your LG washing machine. Let us take a look at what are some of the major causes of IE error in LG washing machines and how you can solve the IE error code:

An IE error code also shows up on the washer’s display if a user does not fully open both the hot and cold water taps. So, it is best that you keep both the hot and cold water taps fully open.

Water does not have a proper flow into the washer if the washer’s inlet hoses have been kinked or damaged. To fix the problem, you will need to straighten out kinks of any kind that may be in the water lines. In case you notice some damage in the inlet hoses, you will need to get them replaced. You will also need to check that the hot and cold water supply hoses are in proper form and not bent or damaged with hard water.

You will need to turn off your home’s hot and cold water supply taps or valve and plug off the water inlet hoses from the washer. Make sure that you have a bucket or any kind of container to drain out the remaining water that is released from the hoses. Now, you will need to take a look at the inlet filters which are on the valves of the washer and examine if there are any kind of mineral deposits or any kind of dirt which may be clogging them. In case the filters on the inlet valves or hoses have been clogged, you will need to remove and clean them properly.

Step 1 – Check the Supply Taps

The best place to start is to check the water supply. If your hot and cold taps are not turned on or are only partially on, your washer won’t get enough water, and the IE error code will show on the display panel.

Here’s how to check the supply taps:

  • Check that they are both turned on fully. If they are, move on to the next step.
  • If not, turn them on and then check if the problem has been solved. If not, move on to the next step.
  • FAQ

    How do I fix error code 1e?

    Samsung washing machine IE error – Possible solutions
    1. Do a hard power reset. You need to unplug your Samsung washing machine for about 5 minutes as this will normally reset most of the electronic glitches or any other issues with software that may be present. …
    2. Ensure proper wire connection. …
    3. Replace the pressure switch.

    How do I clear the IE code on my LG dishwasher?

    LG Dishwasher – IE error
    1. IE error.
    2. Water does not fill the appliance properly.
    3. Turn off the appliance.
    4. Check the following for the IE error:
    5. Check the water supply.
    6. Make sure water pressure is 20 – 80 psi.
    7. Check the water tap or valve.
    8. Make sure the water valve is fully opened.

    What does ie stand for on a washing machine?

    The IE error code on the LG washers display is indicating water did not fill the tub or it did not fill properly in the allotted time. This can be from a faulty water inlet valve, drain hose issue, bent water hoses, the water valves to the washer are not “open”, or there may be a communication or wiring harness issue.

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