What Does Sak Pase Mean

Sak pase?  (What’s happening?)

This question and answer is a common way to friends will great. The response literally means “we’re burning” but has the effect of “we’re hanging around” in English. Listen to the pronunciation above and keep the meaning of this phrase in mind. You could also respond “mwen poze” or any of these common responses.

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Definition of Sak Pase:

“Sal pase?” is a phrase in Haitian Creole that means “what’s up?” The basic English definition for sak pase is “what’s happening” or “what’s going on.” It’s a common slang way to say “Kijan ou ye?” Other possible ways to respond to this question:

  • Anyen (nothing)
  • Mwen poze (hanging out) tan sa bondye ap sere pou mwen (I’m waiting on what God is saving for me).
  • Nap gouman avek lavi an? (I’m fighting with life)
  • N’ap lite (I’m trying)
  • Tout bagay anfom (everything is good)
  • Mwen poze yon ma kafe (I’m waiting like coffee in the pot)
  • Nou poze nou la n’ap bay ti blag (We’re hanging out and telling some jokes)
  • N’ap trip (We’re partying)
  • Sak passe (meaning) = What’s going on
  • N’ap boule (meaning) = We’re burning
  • With any slang phrase that’s become a part of the cultural vocabulary, the literal meaning doesn’t convey the real force of the phrase. Sak passe is a contraction of “kisa ka passe” meaning “what can occur.” N’ap boule is a contraction of “nou ap boule” meaning “we are burning.” The net force of this is a slight complaint about hot weather and being bored. In other words, we’re just sitting around being hot.

    It’s much more common to hear the response, “Mwen poze.”

    What do you mean in Creole?

    A Creole is a language derived from a simplified version of another language or from a combination of two or more languages. In Haiti, Creole is mainly spoken on the basis of French. Creole comes from the Portuguese crioulo, the home-grown servant.

    Yes, yes, yes again, she is a true CREOLINE Since her father of her is African American, her Creole ancestor of hers cannot be elucidated. Many Creoles have an African American mix. because we are of the same race …

    Creole is, in a sense, the result of the attempts by African slaves to speak French that they heard when they arrived in the colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). The slaves came from all over West Africa and spoke many different languages. This is because the grammar of the two languages ​​is very different.


    What do Sak pase means?

    “Sak Pase” is a common Haitian Creole phrase that means “What’s happening? It is often used to greet friends, similar to how you would say “what’s up” in English. The expected response is “N’ap boule.” Which literally translates “we’re burning” but it actually means “we’re hanging out.” Jenn H.

    What does Na Boule mean?

    April 15, 2010 by admin. This Haitian Creole phrase means “we’re on fire! ‘ and is a common response to the greeting “sak pasé?” meaning “what’s up?” A week of sleepless nights, chaos, and frenzied preparations ended in a truly spectacular weekend filled with art, energy, and celebration.

    What language is Nap Boule?

    How to Say “Hi” or “Hello” The Creole words for hi or hello are bonjou and bonswa. Say bonjou when it is daytime and say bonswa when it is the evening or night.

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