What Happened To Shay On Chicago Fire

When the 2021-2022 season of Chicago Fire went on its fall break, some fans looked back on the earlier seasons, and now, they want a reminder of why Lauren German left Chicago Fire way back in Season 2.

Leslie Shay, who Lauren played until her characters tragic death, was a big part of the series. And since she was killed off, fans are curious if Lauren had something to do with the way her character exited the show. Article continues below advertisement

Because Shay was killed off, theres no chance of Lauren coming back to Chicago Fire. Barring any flashbacks involving other characters from the explosion in which Shay died, Laurens time in the Chicago One world is over now. But that doesnt mean fans dont still look back fondly on Shay and often wonder about the events which led to Lauren leaving the show.

A collapsing pipe fatally hits Shay on the head while Dawson gets blown back. When Severide arrives on scene, he sees Dawson doing chest compressions on Shay and leaps in to help. Despite their efforts, Shay ultimately dies.

Leslie Shay was a popular character during her tenure on Chicago Fire. She brought a unique energy to the 51 and gelled well with her fellow paramedics.

Shay, played by actress Lauren German, was introduced in the Chicago Fire pilot and was a steady presence throughout the first two seasons. She worked as a paramedic alongside Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund), whom she quickly grew close with. In the episode “A Nuisance Call”, however, Dawson pulls rank on an embarrassed Shay, and the pair decide to end their friendship.

Things remain tense between the two right up to the episode “Real Never Waits”. It’s here that the pair answer a call to a building fire, and Dawson tells Shay to take the lead. Things go according to plan until an explosion causes a pipe to fall and fatally strike Shay in the head.

Shay gets a bit of a curtail call in the season 3 episode “Always, Call It Paradise, I Am the Apocalypse”. She appears in flashbacks involving Severide (Taylor Kinney), and while nothing huge is learned about the character, its certainly a delight to see her back in the fold brief though it may be).

Sadly, Shay’s quest for peace was cut short in tragic fashion. It’s been a long time since she graced the screen, so we thought it’d be a good time to refresh fans on Shay’s exit from the show and her ultimate fate.

Shay was killed off in the ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 2 finale.

At the end of Season 2, Shays life hung in the balance during an explosion that was the result of a building collapse during a fire. Although Boden accounted for most of Firehouse 51 during the incident, Dawson and Shay were noticeably absent. It wasnt until the Season 3 premiere when it was revealed what happened to Dawson and Shay during the explosion.

As fans had feared at the time, Shay was dead. Dawson tried to revive her, but Shay was killed off. It was a fitting end for the fictional hero. But it also meant that Lauren left Chicago Fire with no hope of returning. Luckily, it doesnt seem to have been a result of an issue with the actress. Instead, it was a creative decision made for the sake of the shows storylines. Article continues below advertisement

Shay, played by Lauren German, was a paramedic at Firehouse 51. She was present from the pilot, and quickly set herself up as a no-nonsense force within the team. One of the most notable Shay episodes is “A Nuisance Call”, where her and Dawson try to talk down an unstable man with a gun.

Leslie Shay was a major player in the first two seasons of Chicago Fire. She had a complicated friendship with Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund), and fans combing through old episodes may be confused as to who she was and why she’s no longer part of the show.

Dawson takes an aggressive approach, but Shay, sensing that the man is unresponsive, takes a more nuanced route. Sadly, the man shoots himself, and Shay becomes somewhat despondent in the aftermath. The guilt over the incident forever hampered the dynamic between Dawson and Shay.


When did Shay leave Chicago Fire?

The reason Shay left Chicago Fire was due to the writers’ decision to kill the character off of the show. That’s right, it was a decision made by the writing team and was not connected to Lauren German’s requesting an exit storyline from the show.

Does Shay in Chicago Fire get pregnant?

Lauren German (Leslie Shay, ‘Chicago Fire’)

German’s Shay was killed off in season 3. The actress moved on to a series regular role on Lucifer.

Who replaced Shay Chicago Fire?

In the season finale, she returns to Chicago pregnant. However, Shay hints to Severide that Renée could not possibly be pregnant with his child given the timeline. Renée confesses to Severide that the baby is not his and they part ways once again.

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