What Is A Cling Stamp

What is a cling mounted stamp?

What’s special about Cling Rubber™ Stamps?

Cling Rubber stamps combine Stampendous premium, deep-etched, precision-trimmed rubber with a repositionable mounting surface for use with or without an acrylic stamp handle (sold separately).

  • Perfect for any stamping technique.
  • Great for use with acrylic paints for home decor or mixed media.
  • Most Stampendous wood mounted stamps are available in Cling Rubber
  • Cling Rubber stamps are less expensive than wood mounted stamps.
  • Cling Rubber stamps are easier to store in less space than wood mounted stamps.
  • Most Cling Rubber Stamp Sets come with a FREE Template for masking off the main s, creating fantastic backgrounds, or for use as a stencil.
  • 90% of our Cling Ruber stamps are Made in the USA.
  • Clear Stamps Need to Be Stored in a Cool Place

    Clear stamps are made with plastic. This is fantastic for a variety of reasons, such as cost, size, weight, and stamping visibility. However, its vitally important to know and remember that clear stamps must be stored in cool places. Because they are made with plastic, they are susceptible to distorting under extreme heat, such as in Arizona summers – where Scrapbook.com is located!

    Make sure you store your clear stamps in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and high heats in order to ensure that no warping, melting, or distortion takes place!

    Clear Stamps Stain Easily – and That’s OK

    Because of plastics transparent nature, the slightest alteration in color or opacity can stand out more than it does on red rubber stamps. However, do not fear. Staining is OK and expected with clear stamps. As long as you are regularly cleaning your clear stamps, you should not worry about some ink left behind – this is perfectly normal and will not alter your stamped s.

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