What Vegetables Make The Best Noodles?

There’s something comforting and satisfying about noodles. Noodles are a comfort food, whether you associate them with chicken noodle soup, mac ‘n’ cheese, ramen, spaghetti, or mac ‘n’ cheese from your youth. But there are a lot of reasons to avoid indulging in their comforting starch, like dietary restrictions, food sensitivities, abnormal blood sugar levels, or even cancer. Vegetable noodles, which are made by long julienne strips of firm, colorful vegetables, are delicious on their own and will satisfy your noodle craving. They could even aid in weight loss or cancer treatment.

How to make veggie noodles with BROCCOLI STEMS

  • Ingredients you need – Large Broccoli stalks with about 1-2 inch thickness
  • Kitchen tools you need – Spiralizer, hand spiralizer, or vegetable peeler
  • How to make noodles or spiralizer – You can use a stand spiralizer, hand spiralizer. Place large end of the broccoli stem in spiralizer or use hand spiralizer and turn to create noodles. Don’t have a spiralizer? Buy large broccoli stalks and peel into shavings with veggie peeler. Or create broccoli veggie rice (tutorial).
  • How to cook broccoli veggie noodles – These are great to use in casseroles in place of pasta or in a pesto stir fry. Saute or steam!
  • What Vegetables Make The Best Noodles?

    What Vegetables Make The Best Noodles?

    Why you want to learn how to make vegetable noodles

    When avoiding wheat, starches, or calories, vegetable noodles are a healthy substitute. Compared to wheat pasta or gluten-free pasta, vegetable noodles have fewer calories, more vitamins and minerals, and are simpler to prepare and cook. The best part, if you are avoiding wheat, is that vegetable noodles still have an al dente texture without raising your blood sugar levels like ramen noodles do. How much they satisfy my need for noodles astounded me. I’ll definitely grow noodles in my garden the following year.

    Kitchen tools for veggie noodles and fruit noodles

    Let’s face it, sometimes using a tabletop spiralizer can get a bit messy. Don’t get my wrong, I ADORE my spiralizer for making the perfect zoodles in mass amounts, but the clean up part is not my favorite. And sometimes I just want to make a small about of veggie noodles or veggie noodle “shavings.” Instead, these kitchen tools will do the job just as well, and cleaning them is easy!

    What Vegetables Make The Best Noodles?

    No spiralizer? No problem. Here are some other tools you can use to make veggie noodles.

  • vegetable peeler
  • paring knife
  • small mandolin slicer
  • dual julienne peeler & vegetable peeler
  • hand spiralizer
  • Let me now demonstrate to you JUST how simple it is to make noodles from fruit and vegetables.

    What Vegetables Make The Best Noodles?


    Which vegetables are best for noodles?

    You can use almost any hard or firm-fleshed vegetable to make veggie noodles, including:
    • summer squash/yellow squash.
    • potatoes and sweet potatoes.
    • carrots.
    • cucumber.
    • broccoli stems.
    • winter squash (butternut and acorn are the most popular)
    • beets.
    • turnips or radishes.

    What veggies are good Spiralized?

    Start Spiralizing with These 10 Vegetables
    • Beets. Beets. When it comes to spiralizing beets, any variety will do.
    • Broccoli. Broccoli. The best reason to look for broccoli with the stems is because you can spiralize it.
    • Carrots. Carrots. …
    • Potatoes. Potatoes. …
    • Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes.

    What vegetable tastes most like pasta?

    The Original: Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti squash is like magic because, in just a few minutes, it turns into perfectly pasta-like vegetable noodles that are only 84 calories per two heaping cups of cooked squash. That amounts to less than half of the meager 1/8-box serving of semolina spaghetti’s calories.

    Are there noodles made from vegetables?

    We’ve all heard of zucchini noodles by now, but did you know that cucumber, carrots, kohlrabi, and more vegetables can be transformed into curly, colorful noodles? Making these veggie noodles is one of my favorite summer cooking projects.

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