Where Are The Keys In Hello Neighbor

After hours of flipping switches, breaking windows, hiding in closets, and picking up every object known to man, youre probably more than a little stumped on how to complete Hello Neighbors Act 1 segment.

If you are having trouble getting into the basement and figuring out how to proceed past all those stubbornly locked doors, weve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to the neighbors security system.

Note that were going for the most direct route to solve the main puzzles and not diving into all the various secrets for every achievement. If you want to fully experience the game, be sure to explore the whole house instead of heading straight for the basement!

For those just jumping into the game and getting frustrated by the lack of explanation on the games controls, there are a few basics to keep in mind. You can have up to four items in your inventory at once, with old items you pick up disappearing and going into previous inventory slots.

After the opening segment, press and hold E to pick up any object that makes the reticle become a larger circle, then hold the right mouse button to aim and release to throw. The longer you hold, the farther and harder it goes. If you only right click without holding, objects wont actually break windows.

Objects can also knock over the neighbor, so keep something like the bowling ball or even a cup in your inventory for situations where you cant hide. If you hold down the right click for a stronger throw, hell be knocked off balance for a few seconds so you can get away.

Hiding under beds or inside cabinets only works if the neighbor didnt specifically see you enter the room, so you need to get ahead of him when hes chasing you.

In the first act of the game, the golden key unlocks a door on the second floor of the house, and the key itself is next to that door. In order to get the key, the player must remove the nearby oversized painting and jump through the hole it covered.

Hello Neighbor – How to Get the Red Key

Your main goal in Hello Neighbor is to break into your neighbor’s house and discover the secrets that he has hidden in the basement.

During Act 1 of the game, the player’s character witnesses the neighbor as he locks a door, after several loud screams were heard erupting from the house.

At this point the neighbor sees the player looking in, and catches them. From here, you’ll be given a clear view of the neighbor placing a red key on a blue table in a room on the second floor of the house.

Your first goal in Hello Neighbor is to grab this red key, and today we’ll show you the easiest way to get ahold of the red key in Hello Neighbor, and unlock the door.

List of Keys

  • Yellow Key – The yellow key is typically the first key obtained in the game. It unlocks the door at the end of the hallway on the opposite side of the gate on the second-floor and does not unlock much except for the second-floor bathroom and an alternate route to the CCTV room. It can be obtained by grabbing it from the other side of the gate in the birthday party room.
  • Blue Key – The blue key is typically the second key obtained in the game. It unlocks the door across from the large painting of the golden apple on the tree. It can be obtained by knocking the painting of the golden apple off the wall in the first room and then hitting the lever behind it with an object. This will raise the wall between the floorless room and the birthday party room, allowing access to the birthday party room and the electromagnet, which you can use to attract and obtain the blue key.
  • Green Key – The green key is typically the third key obtained in the game. It unlocks the door to Fear School. It can be obtained by deactivating the magnet and then obtaining it from the foundation of the magnet in its room.
  • Red Key – The red key is typically the last key obtained in the game. It house unlocks the box dangling off the side of the house, which leads into Fear Darkness. It can be obtained by using the toy rifle and shooting the lever in the cage in the room after the no-gun door. This opens the cage holding the red key.
  • Car Key – This is the key that opens the trunk of Mr. Petersons Car in which the electromagnet is located. It is referenced in Act 3 with a photo of the keycard with an arrow pointing towards the key.
  • Doll house key-Its a yellow key. They are used to unlock doll houses. They were found in the grave.
  • Older/Cut Keys

  • Copper Key – The copper heart key was a key essential to unlocking the basement in Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1, and was used as an alternate to the lockpick, another cut item. In Pre-Alpha, it could be found in either in the entrance hall of the Neighbors house or in the living room drawer. In Alpha 1, you could obtain it by drilling the wall revealed after completing the rifle range puzzle.
  • Red/Silver Key – The red and silver key appeared in Alphas 1 and 2, and it was used to unlock the workshop, which held the lockpick and crowbar. In Alpha 1, it was actually owned by the protagonist and was also the key to his house. However, in Alpha 2, the Neighbor owned it, and it was attached to his belt. The player had to pickpocket him to obtain it.
  • Silver Key – The silver key appeared in Alphas 1 and 2, and the key unlocks something different from every version. In Alpha 1, it would unlock the counter gate in the rifle range. When the rifle range puzzle was completed, the key would drop from a nearby vent. In Alpha 2, the protagonist would start with it, as it was used to unlock the Neighbors house in the tutorial.
  • FAQ

    Where are the keys in Hello guest?

    The easiest way to find the Red Key that you need to unlock the basement is to climb up the roof using the shelf and boxes on the left of the front porch. You can find a couple of boxes in the backyard, near the back right-hand corner of the house.

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