where to buy beef neck bones near me

US Wellness Meats’ Beef Neck Bones are approximately 30% meat and 70% bone which is an ideal combination for beef soup. Home soup chefs will find Beef Neck Bones superb for making soup because no other bones or meat will be required.

If you are making marrow bone stock, add 5-10% Beef Neck Bones for flavor and substance.

Feel free to share your Beef Neck Bones recipes. They are a unique product and will spawn unique recipes.

All of US Wellness Meats’ beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Delivered Fast & Cold

We pack your orders to perfection so that your items arrive fresh and ready for your culinary creativity.

We use 1 or 2-day shipping to minimize the time your order spends en route. (Please allow time for packing before shipping)

We ship to your doorstep across the U.S. (Deliveries to AK & HI will incur a flat $20 shipping fee. Puerto Rico incurs an $85 flat shipping fee)

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Why people have been buying from us for 20+ years.

Our farms work with nature to produce the most nutritious foods on the planet. NO pesticides, NO herbicides, NO antibiotics, NO added growth hormones, NO GMOs.

We offer convenient online ordering and a wide variety of 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised meats to choose from, making meal prep stress free.

Delicious and nutritious go hand in hand. Our premium quality meats are loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and flavor! Your family will enjoy every last bite!

We raise our animals to be stress free. They roam wide open pastures grazing on native prairie grasses without a care in the world. This results in juicy and flavorful meats for your table.

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where to buy beef neck bones near me

$19.83 In stockBeef neck bones are a great addition to bring out the flavor in various dishes. Reach out to Vincent’s Meat Market today to learn more about our beef neck.


Are beef neck bones like oxtails?

Even though beef neck bones are similar to oxtail, they have less meat around the bone. Therefore, we suggest braising or slow cooking the meat in liquid for optimal results. You can braise beef neck bones in the oven with the help of an oven-safe pot.

Does Kroger have beef neck bones?

Rumba Meats Beef Neck Bones, 1.5-2 lb – Kroger.

Are beef neck bones good to eat?

Neck bones are delicious in soups and stews, or the meat can be shredded and used for tacos or sandwiches. Cook low and slow and these neck bones will release flavor as they cook. Beef neck bones are the perfect cold-weather comfort food, but don’t let that keep you from enjoying them year-round.

Are soup bones the same as neck bones?

Soup Bones are generally Neck Bones, Knuckle Bones, or Rib Bones. They are leftover after the butchering process, so using them is a great way to consciously use more of the animal (and waste less).

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