Who Is Craig’S Father On Animal Kingdom

father Jake Dunmore

Billy is Deran’s dad in ‘Animal Kingdom’ but not Craig’s.

Deran is the youngest Cody son. He and Craig are a few years apart and theyre also the closest. However, Billy is Derans dad. Craigs dad is Jake, with whom Smurf is still in a relationship at the time in the flashback. Yeah, its a lot. Article continues below advertisement

In the flashback timeline, Smurf is forced to give a percentage of whatever jobs she pulls in the area to a man named Max Cross. She meets Billy on a beach and they talk about how he, too, works for Max. When he tells her he gives Max less off the top of his earnings as a small-time criminal, she scoffs and walks away. Article continues below advertisement

Billy follows her and invites her to go surfing with him sometime. Its a different exchange than weve seen with Smurf and men in the past. Shes used to being in control and, frankly, being in party settings or in danger. But she seems interested in learning more about Billy and from here, their relationship likely blooms.

Andrew “Pope” Cody (Shawn Hatosy)

Pope has always had this dark past that has haunted him. Because of it, he has this reputation as someone not to challenge. However, as Animal Kingdom has progressed, Pope is less of a scary figure and more of a sad one. His life is haunted by bad choices, codependency issues with Smurf, and not getting the proper mental health treatment.

Despite Pope being a very sympathetic character, he still willingly made some ruthless choices. Let us not forget that he killed the woman that he loved, Catherine (Daniella Alonso), because Smurf ordered her murder. This is only one ruthless act that we’ve seen, but we’re sure his past is full of a million more ruthless decisions because of Smurf. We should see more of Pope’s dark past in the remaining Animal Kingdom seasons.

Does Smurf get out of jail?

As Tuesday nights episode waned down to a finish, Smurf was sprung from prison.


Who are the fathers of Smurfs sons on Animal Kingdom?

Episode Count

Colin is the father of Smurf’s two eldest children, Julia and Andrew Cody. He is also the grandfather of Joshua Cody.

Who is Pope and Julia’s dad on Animal Kingdom?

J’s mother Julia was Pope’s sister but only Craig and Deran’s half sister. Pope and Julia’s father Colin has a brother named Jed. Jed and his wife Laney have four sons: Odin, Jeremy, David, and Mike. Julia and Andrew were delivered on their uncle Jed’s farm.

Is Craig Smurfs son on Animal Kingdom?

Among the other issues presented in Season 1, J grapples with figuring out who his absent father is. To his surprise, J discovers the title might actually belong to one of his “uncles.” Animal Kingdom reveals Baz — Smurf’s adopted son — as J’s dad.

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