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    The Noodle Family appear in the Elmos World segments of Sesame Street. Elmo frequently asks the Noodles, a group of silent characters, to demonstrate how to perform a chore or answer a question; they respond through pantomime but invariably get the process wrong or fail to follow Elmos instructions. Through trial and error and repeated prompting, The Noodles usually manage to figure it out.

    Starting in Season 47, the concept of Elmos World was revived in a new format. Irwin returned as Mr. Noodle and the series introduced some new Noodle family members, including two new brothers, played by the Tony and Grammy Award-winning Daveed Diggs and comedian Daniel Koren.[5] In the “Fathers Day” episode, Diggs also played the Noodles dad, .

    Writer Louise Gikow called the Noodles “a dynasty of mimes,…in the tradition of great silent film comedians like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd.”[1] They make mistakes but solve them with the help of “enthusiastic kid voice-overs,”[1] which empower children and help them feel smarter than the adults. They are silent to allow Elmo to do all the talking and to give children the opportunity to respond to what they see on the screen. Acting similar to clowns, using slapstick and similar types of physical comedy, they physically and humorously act out their replies to Elmos questions.[2] According to writer and Elmos World co-creator Judy Freudberg, “Mr. Noodle, who never speaks, is all about trial and error. When you throw him a hat, he acts like hes never seen one before. Kids feel empowered watching him because they can do what he cant.”[3] According to Sesame Street researcher Lewis Bernstein, the characters, whom he calls “bungling,” give young viewers “the opportunity to figure it out” before the adults do.[1]

    For the next season Irwin was unavailable, so Sherman asked her friend Michael Jeter to replace Irwin as Mr. Noodles brother Mr. Noodle. Jeter enthusiastically accepted, later calling it his favorite role in 20 years.[4] Irwin returned to the role of Mr. Noodle and appeared alongside Jeter in two Season 32 segments, after which the two Noodle brothers alternated and occasionally appeared jointly. Jeter continued in the role as Mr. Noodles brother until his death in 2003 (at the end of Season 34); Jeter appeared in 23 Elmos World episodes and two Elmos World specials.


    Who is the original Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street?

    The Mr. Noodle character originated on Sesame Street in the late ’90s, played, as he still is today, by actor and trained clown Bill Irwin — at least sometimes. An interesting wrinkle in Mr. Noodle’s Sesame Street longevity is the fact that a number of performers over the years have played him.

    Is Michael Jeter a Mr. Noodle?

    Michael Jeter, the diminutive actor who delighted children as “Sesame Street’s” Mr. Noodle and earned a Tony for the Broadway musical “Grand Hotel” and an Emmy for his role as assistant coach in Burt Reynolds’ television series “Evening Shade,” has died.

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