Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Instant Noodles

What makes the combo so gnarly?

As previously indicated, Wang’s severe and incapacitating pains were primarily caused by an overabundance of gas in his digestive tract, which was brought on by combining instant noodles with soda.

For those who don’t know, it has been demonstrated repeatedly that this combination produces a significant amount of carbon dioxide. This is particularly true in light of the way that the porous surface area of instant noodles’ physical structure promotes the production of gas, much like how a Mentos’ porous surface area is involved in explosive “Coke and Mentos” experiments.

Prior to this incident, another man in China went through the exact same ordeal of suffering from incredible tummy aches after hed consumed a meal of instant noodles and Coke the night before. Similarly, he was also rushed to the hospital and had a tube inserted into his bloated stomach to remove the excess gas trapped inside.

While many people may be afraid to have their favorite instant noodles and cola together after such incidents, eating such a meal is generally safe as long as you don’t overdo it and make sure your stomach’s gas has somewhere to escape.

A professor of biology and food science from the Chongqing Technology and Business University in China explained that having too much soda with instant noodles is a surefire way to develop a painful and bloated tummy, but inversely, small amounts taken in manageable sips will allow for regular releases of the gas through burping.

Given that the two unfortunate gentlemen ate their meals relatively late at night, it is likely that they did not give themselves enough time to digest.

Additionally, it’s possible that they ate too quickly and in excess, which can speed up the stomach’s production of carbon dioxide.

The interaction between instant noodles and Coke inside a ziplock bag is shown visually in the GIF below, where the excess carbon dioxide causes the bag to swell.

The experiment’s outcome might seem alarming at first, but as long as you remember to burp or even experience flatulence to let out the trapped gas in your stomach, it shouldn’t be too harmful.

All you really need to do if you’re going to have a soda with your next meal is make sure you drink it moderately and don’t empty it too soon. Also, make sure you let out the gas out somewhere.

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Your daily recommended quota of sodium will be filled in just one sitting.

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Instant Noodles

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are mostly salt and carbohydrates, which are only good to ingest in moderation. If in one meal, you attain your daily quota of sodium, chances are you are going to consume too much of it that day.

Additionally, they frequently lack essential nutrients like minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

You will increase your risk of getting sick.

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Instant Noodles

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Instant Noodles

The chances of developing new health conditions also exist.

Studies show that women who eat Instant Noodles at least twice a week, have a bigger risk of this happening to them. These health conditions can include diabetes and heart disease.

MSG, an ingredient in instant noodles, can also make you sick to your stomach and give you headaches.

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