Bored with drinking your German ale from a traditional mug? Want to impress all of your friends at your next party? We have just the solution for you. Our wide array of beer boots makes a refreshing addition to your collection.

We have ceramic, glass, and plastic beer boots for drinkers who are sick and tired of handles and cylinders. Add a spark of German tradition in your cupboard with one of our 0.5, 1, or 2 liter beer boots.

This Four liter Beer Boot is on sale now and can be purchased from for $24.95 (50% off the original price). If you prefer sticking to shots over beer, checkout these super cool Gummy Shot Glasses; they give edible a whole new meaning. GeekAlerts urges you to always drink responsibly.

You remember Beerfest and “Das Boot!” It was the ultimate Oktoberfest show down. Well checkout this monster boot. “This is the largest beer boot available in the USA!” The Four Liter Beer Boot is sure to challenge even the hardest partiers in your group. After a few rounds of these, I’m not sure anyone will be chanting for the Das Boot.

German Beer Boots: For the Truly Thirsty

Part of the appeal of the “das boot” is its shape. You can only drink so much beer from a mug before you want something a bit different. Another, possibly bigger, reason for its popularity is the size.

Available in a massive, 2 liter size, one beer boot can hold an entire six pack of your favorite brew.

Get your drink on and never pause to open a can or bottle. Your gargantuan, all glass beer boot holds more than enough for a full night’s worth of frothy fun. Plus, our glass beer boots are fully customizable with your personalized message and supplied logo or graphic.

2. Machine Pressed versus Mouth Blown: Do you want seams up and down the side of your boot (Mouth Blown) or cutting right through the middle of the toe (Machine Pressed)? Do you want your boot to be more durable and uniform (Machine Pressed) or more Fragile and prone to flaws (Mouth Blown)? Basically, do you prefer man or machine?

If the seam runs right down the middle of the boot, splitting it right in two, then it is a machine pressed boot. This means that two half boot molds were formed and pressed together by a machine. The seam on a mouth blown boot goes down the sides of the length of the boot.

The movie Beerfest popularized the theory that “the secret” to drinking out of a beer boot is to point the toe sideways. As beer is consumed out of a beer boot, an air pocket forms in the toe. This air pocket needs to be carefully released to prevent spilling all over the drinker and the standard trick is to hold the boot so that the toe points to either side horizontally.

Another tradition holds that the beer boot began during World War I when German soldiers, having nothing else to drink from, instead passed around an actual leather boot of beer before heading into battle. They would flick the boot before drinking from it for good luck and again after drinking to wish next soldier good luck.


How many Litres is a boot glass?

How Much Beer Can A Boot Beer Hold? A two-liter beer boot holds about 67 ounces of liquid, which is almost as much as a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles or cans (72 ounces).

How many liters are in a boot of beer?

Beer boots sold at OktoberfestHaus can hold up to 3 liters of beer in one boot! That’s the equivalent of 100 ounces (for the mathematically lazy, that’s five bottles or eight and a half cans). The beer boot makes every chug you’ve ever had to do look like child’s play.

What size was the Das Boot in Beerfest?

This beautiful boot holds up to two liters, or 67 fluid ounces of beer.

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