Her intuitive style appeals to Sam, who confides to her that he thinks hes from the future. She doesnt initially believe him, but as the series progresses, she starts to accept that Sam is definitely from the future. She confides to Sam that she had a dream of becoming a detective when she joined the 1-2-5, but lost sight of it after being one of the helpers for a long time. Eventually, she develops feelings for Sam and makes herself known as a force to be reckoned with in the 1-2-5. In the series finale, Lt. Gene Hunt promotes her from police woman to detective after she helped cracked several cases throughout 1973.

In reality, she is in fact Colonel Annie Norris, the leader of the team of astronauts aboard the Hyde 1-2-5 spaceship, which is on its way to the planet Mars, as part of the United States Aries project.

Early Life[]

In “Blood,Bullets and Blue Stratos” it is implied that Annies dad was murdered in the 60s, Sam witnessed the murder through the “eyes” of a police officer who witnessed the murder. It was implied that she may have be forced to marry a criminal against her will, but again its not known if that could be true . Not much is known about Annies past. Judging by her apparent age, and using actress Liz Whites age as an estimate, Annie would be about 26 in 1973. She was then likely born around 1946.

Annie attended university and got a degree in psychology, ironically making her far better educated than most of her superiors. On her graduation day, she jumped off a twenty-foot bridge into a weir, with a bottle of Mateus Rosé in one hand and her bra in the other (LoM S1:E6). Presumably, she would have gotten her degree around 1967–68 at 21 or 22.

Although she might have joined the police force right away, a woman with a degree—and a father who didnt want her to join the police—might have taken more time to consider her options or try to get work in her field. (Annie would later recall her father telling her that entering the police force was too dangerous for a girl LoM S2:E3.) She told Sam that she was a barmaid for six months before signing up (LoM S1:E5). So although she could have had as much as six years experience on the force in 1973, she might have had as little as three or four. Although this is reasonable and doesnt seem to contradict anything, it is meant as a rough guide, and cannot be considered canon.

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After being involved in a car accident in 2006, DCI Sam Tyler wakes up to find himself in 1973, a world ruled by local gangsters and football yobs. A world where theres still black and white television sets, and where sexism against women is still socially acceptable. Sam quickly realises that something is wrong, and is determined to get home, but things are never that easy.

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