Where To Find Dyson Model Number

Whether it is a stick or upright vacuum, these are the most common locations to find the model number on your Dyson vacuum:
  1. Behind the clear bin or dust canister.
  2. The underside of the battery pack.
  3. Behind the filter.
  4. On the underside of your machine.
  5. Underneath the wand handle.

Why is it smart to know which Dyson vacuum cleaner you have?

Let me first start with the question of why it is actually relevant to know which Dyson vacuum cleaner you have. I already mentioned in the introduction that you may need a new Dyson part. In my article about the Dyson vacuum battery life, for example, it appears that you may need a new battery after a few years.

Update: Dyson vacuum cleaners have recently been supplied with a very handy crevice tool with LED lighting. This one is also for sale separately!

To be sure whether a part is compatible with your vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to know which model you have. For example – to stick to the example – a battery is by no means suitable for all Dyson models.

It can also be interesting if you run into problems with your vacuum cleaner. If you go looking for help, one of the first questions is of course which vacuum cleaner it is.

This is how you find out which Dyson model you have

Time to find out which Dyson you have right now! There are several ways to find out which version you have at home! Did you throw away the box? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to find the model number of you Dyson! I list all the possibilities.

  • Check the model number on the package
  • Check the warranty card that you hopefully have kept
  • The vacuum cleaner rod sometimes has a sticker with the name of the vacuum cleaner
  • Dyson has placed the model number of Dyson vacuum cleaners in various places
  • A necessity when buying spares or looking for cleaning advice

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  • Where To Find Dyson Model Number

    Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are the best you can buy right now, as its models offer powerful suction, large dust canisters, and in the case of its cordless vacuums, long-lasting batteries.

    However, they aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to keep it in tip-top condition by replacing filters and following the cleaning instructions to the letter. However, Dyson offers a wide range of different designs including upright vacuums and cordless vacuums, which can mean ensuring you’re following the correct cleaning instructions or ordering the correct spare part, is complicated.

    Chances are the instruction manual and receipt that can tell you exactly which Dyson you have, are tucked away in a drawer or cupboard as it’s not something you often need to get your hands on.

    However, before you start rooting through piles of paperwork trying to locate it, we can show you an easy way to find out which Dyson you have and make it easier to keep them clean and working to the very best of their abilities

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    Where is model number on Dyson Ball?

    Select the Dyson machine you own. We need the first three digits of your serial number. You’ll find it on your machine, on the label that looks like this.

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