Are Hercules Tools Any Good

Hercules power tools live up to their namesake when it comes to strength, and the wide selection only sweetens the pot. It is less obvious who makes Hercules power tools than a similar brand like Craftsman, but Harbor Freight is responsible for Hercules tools production. Follow along as we take a look at Harbor Freight’s house brand Hercules.

With the huge array of power tools out there, we sometimes see a brand and think nothing more. We just use the tools and the rest is arbitrary. But sometimes there is a brand that seems familiar but you can’t quite put a finger on it.

Hercules tools are made by Harbor Freight, a company that sells high-quality tools at an affordable price with over 1,000 locations nationwide. Hercules Tools performance has been compared to other well-known, reputable brands such as DeWalt and Stanley. That way, you can get high-quality power tools without having to pay top dollar.

In this article, we will talk a bit more about Hercules tools, what they have to offer, and why they’re a good brand! Let’s get started.

When it comes down to it, Hercules makes a quality, if simple, brand of drill. Its performance stacks up with some of the more well-known brands like DeWalt even if it doesn’t quite deliver on the extra features.

For amateurs to the DIY life, Hercules makes for a great first choice. It brings a ton of power and torque, a few extras, and a simplicity that can be quite valuable when you are just starting to learn.


On the other hand, Hercules may not be as established a brand but Harbor Freight is. Despite its new standing in the market, Hercules has the Harbor Freight name behind it. While there isn’t quite the range that DeWalt has, they make some pretty great basic models.

DeWalt 20V Max Impact Driver DCF888

  • Power Source: 20V Max battery
  • Speed: 0–1000/0–2800/0–3250 RPM
  • Torque: 1825 in-lbs
  • Impact Rate: 0–3600 IPM
  • Check out our impact driver shootout for the full details on our testing methods.

    What Extra Features Does Hercules Offer?

    Its simplicity is one of the selling points of Hercules drills. That said, they do offer a few extras that are particularly helpful for amateur DIYers. If you consider yourself to be a cut above amateur, some of the other brands may be a better choice.

    The biggest extra that Hercules offers are the kits that accompany each of their drill types. The kits all come with a battery, charger, and carrying kit. Moreover, they have a bit set.

    For the impact driver, there is an accompanying bit set that comes with 45 pieces. That is more than enough to see most amateur DIYers through the majority of projects that they need to tackle.


    Is Hercules a good tool?

    In this test, the Hercules averages 565 RPM and DeWalt is pretty far behind at 429 RPM. That’s 32% faster drilling for Hercules under a moderate load. DeWalt’s 3274 no-load RPM (tested) still has a huge advantage over Hercules’ 2593 RPM for light fastening.

    Is Hercules the same as Makita?

    If you’re looking for a quality tool for a cheaper than premium price, Hercules tools could be the perfect option for you. They’re not the most powerful tool line available, so they’re not ideal for commercial or large-scale projects. However, they can be game-changers for home handymen and DIYers.

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