Binding Of Isaac How To Drop Trinkets

Trinkets can give you the edge in BOI and can sometimes be the difference between winning a run or not. The likes of the Cracked Crown, Cancer, and Curved Horn particularly stand out as great trinkets, particularly if you’ve got some great tear synergies to go along with them.

Every so often, though, you’ll come across trinkets that you’ll want to get rid of as soon as possible (Cursed Skull, Butt Penny, Mom’s Toenail, etc). It took me a while to realise that it was even possible to drop them, and we don’t want you to make the same mistake. Here’s how to drop trinkets in the Binding of Isaac, with instructions for each console.

Dropping a trinket on the PC is as simple as holding down the CTRL key for about 5 seconds. It is the same button that allows you to switch between different consumables, but pressing for longer will drop all trinkets.

For the PS4, you also use the same button that you would for switching between consumables if you have more than one. In this case it is the R2 button. Simply hold the R2 button for roughly 5 seconds.

For the Switch, hold down the ZR button for 5 seconds to remove a trinket from your inventory.

How to Drop Trinkets in Binding of Isaac. To drop a trinket, simply make sure you’ve got it selected and ‘equipped’ in your inventory. Now all you need to do is press and hold Left CTRL on PC, RT on Xbox, R2 on PlayStation and ZR on Nintendo Switch for at least three seconds.

This will cause you to fling your little trinket onto the ground as though you were swapping it with another trinket. Only by doing this, youre swapping it with an empty space, clearing out your pockets.

In The Binding of Isaac, you have your reusables, passive upgrades, one-time items, and trinkets. These trinkets do a whole host of things from letting you open golden chests without keys to having a little Isaac head bob about, aiding you in fights.

You can then pick up your trinket again if you want, much like with cards, pills, or other items. As such, if a trinket would benefit you with a new item you find later on the same floor, then you can always come back to it.

Meanwhile, if you have Moms Purse, you can hold two trinkets at the same time, benefiting from both their boons. You cant cycle between them, however, so youll have to drop both and pick up the one you want to keep.

Trinkets are incredibly useful in The Binding Of Isaac, but some of them might not be worth keeping around. Heres how you can drop them to make room.

While there are many helpful trinkets in the Binding of Isaac, some of them are more of a hinderance than an asset- heres how to drop them.

There are an abundance of trinkets available in The Binding Of Isaac, but not all of them are particularly useful on a given run. Luckily for players, they dont have to be stuck with a bad trinket if they dont have a better one to swap with. Even without the DLC expansions, players have the ability to drop trinkets through the designated drop button.

Every trinket in The Binding of Isaac can be dropped except for the Tick. This trinket cannot be swapped with any other as well, making players stuck with it except through a few means. The Marbles item can cause Isaac to absorb a trinket when he takes damage. The Smelter-activated item can also allow for the Tick to be absorbed, as well as the Gulp pill. These methods will allow players to keep the Ticks beneficial effects, which are removing 15% of any enemies health if they are over 60 HP and giving Isaac one heart upon entering an uncleared boss room.

With that many trinkets, some are going to be more helpful than others. Some, like the Paper Clip, can be greatly beneficial to players in their Binding of Isaac runs. Others, like the Cursed Skull, can instead make things far more difficult.

The Binding of Isaac is filled with a large variety of items that can help players during their playthroughs, with trinkets often being some of the minor items. As of the Repentance DLC, there are 188 total trinkets in the game for players to find.

Can you drop cards and pills in BOI?

Binding Of Isaac How To Drop Trinkets

Dropping cards and pills in the Binding of Isaac is exactly the same as dropping trinkets. In fact, if you follow the instructions above according to the device, you will drop all cards, pills. Runes, and trinkets (unless you are holding the Tick trinket).

After dropping the particular item you need, simply pick up the remaining items that you want to keep and be on your way.

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