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Science has always been our personal favourite of the win-condition resources, thanks to that oh-so-satisfying feeling of steaming through the Tech tree towards the late game, and the payoffs that come with it. Amassing Science in Civilization 6 is no different, and will also play a crucial role in any playthrough thanks to some integral technologies that are unlocked as you progress.

Just about any civilization can benefit from a strong Science income, regardless of your target victory condition, and so maintaining that income is one of the most important things you can do to secure yourself a healthy late game. Civilization 6 Interview – 18 minutes with lead designer, Ed Beach (plus some new gameplay)

Here, well be focusing on explaining how exactly Science works for the newcomers and lapsed Civlization players, whilst also gathering up every single way to earn Science specifically into one all-consuming list. The goal, then, is to have this guide play a complementary role to our other, dedicated Science Victory guide, which contains our more in-depth advice for winning the game through technological advance.

A quick note: weve refreshed out Civ 6 guides for the games launch on Nintendo Switch, but just be aware that they contain information regarding the Rise and Fall DLC as well as the base game, which means some things only apply if you have that DLC! Otherwise… crack on! An ideally-located Campus district amongst four adjacent Mountain tiles – more on this below!

Great Scientists – Abilities & GPP Guide for Brave New World

Great Scientist InfoA Great Scientist in Civ 5Great Scientists are primarily generated through four Science buildings that each offer at least one slot, giving you a total of four slots for Scientist Specialists. There are several Wonders that can contribute to this and help you earn them even faster, along with percentage bonuses from buildings and specials like Babylons +50% faster Great Scientist rate. Great Scientists can be purchased with Faith starting at 1000 each once youve mastered the Rationalism Social Policy, and rising in cost with each purchase.

If you want to create many Great Scientists, you should get the four required buildings up as fast as possible. Prioritize food for growth and create buildings that raise the birth rate of great people. Keep these active at all times to keep the meter rising. The Leaning Tower of Pisa will let you choose one free Great Person and increases the birth rate of all GP by 25%.

Great Scientists get two abilities. First, they can Bulb, or provide a large armount of research – about 8x what you earn in a turn, toweard the current project (Spillover does count). This is usually the option you reserve for the end-game, with the next option being best.

The primary use of Great Scientists is the construction of the Academy tile improvement. They provide at least +8 Science when worked by a city, so place them on a grassland or hill tile to get extra production or food out of that tile. The first 3/4 of the game you should be placing these around the City that has your National College and, even better, an Observatory. Combining all these boosts will make a Super Science City that can generate more research per turn than many small Civs.

Wonders with Great Scientist GPP
GPP Building Building Bonus Tech to Unlock
+1 The Great Library +1 Culture, free Library, 1 Free Technology. Writing
+1 The Oracle +3 Culture, 1 Free Social Policy Philosophy
+1 Red Fort +1 Culture, Defensive Buidlings in All Cities are 25 More Effective Metallurgy
+2 Porcelain Tower 1 Free Great Scientist appears, +50% more Science from Research Agreements Adopt Rationalism, Architecture Tech
+1 The Kremlin +50% bonus building armor units, 1 Free Social Policy Metallurgy
+1 Hubble Space Telescope 2 Free Great Scientists appear, free Spaceship Factory in the City, +25% production to Spaceship Parts Satellites

Earning Great Scientists[]

Great Scientists may be claimed by any player who has earned enough Great Scientist points. Campuses and their replacements generate +1 Great Scientist point per turn, +2 more if the city has built the Oracle, and provide an additional point for each building completed in that district. (For example, a Campus with a Library, University, and Research Lab would generate +4 Great Scientist points per turn.) Further points may also be earned by completing the Campus Research Grants project in a city with a Campus. Players who do not have enough points may patronize a Scientist by paying the difference using Faith or Gold.

Players can also increase their Great Scientist point yields by using the Inspiration policy card, which generates +2 Great Scientist points per turn. Once the player completes the Nuclear Program civic, the Inspiration card is replaced with the Nobel Prize policy card, which generates +4 Great Scientist points per turn. In Gathering Storm, this card is replaced with Science Foundations, and it provides +2 Great Scientist points for every University owned and +4 for every Research Lab owned, as well as Great Engineer points.

The Divine Spark pantheon bonus and the Stockholm Suzerain bonus (or Bologna in Gathering Storm) both increase the number of Great Scientist points generated from each Campus by +1. (Note that in Rise and Fall, Stockholms bonus is only active if the Campus has a completed Library building.)

All Great Scientist point yields are doubled if Pingala with the Grants title is in the city.

Great Scientists[]

Unsurprisingly, Great Scientists abilities are focused primarily on technological advancement. Most of them trigger Eurekas for technologies from their respective era and/or the next one. Some, however, improve the working of Science-related buildings, and/or build these instantly (so, try to use them in Campuses which dont yet have the relevant buildings). Furthermore, some Great Scientists provide lump sums of Science when activated next to certain terrain features, requiring you to explore the world and physically bring the Scientist there!

End-game Great Scientists help rush Space Race projects, which may determine whether or not a player is able to complete a Science Victory.


Who is the best Science CIV in Civ 6?

Civilization 6: The 5 Best Leaders for a Science Victory
  • Hammurabi of Babylon. …
  • John Curtin of Australia. …
  • Robert the Bruce of Scotland. …
  • Seondeok of Korea. …
  • Wilhelmina of the Dutch.

Who is the most op leader in Civ 6?

End-game Great Scientists help rush Space Race projects, which may determine whether or not a player is able to complete a Science Victory.

What does Albert Einstein do in Civ 6?

Mansa Musa of Mali can basically do it all and is fittingly led by who many historians believe to be the richest man of all time when adjusted properly. His focus on gold in game then comes as no surprise, and Mansa’s wealth alone changes how Civilization 6 is played with him on the map or as him for victory.

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