Common Projects Size Up Or Down

Are you wondering how CP shoes fit? It’s important to know that CP only produces shoes in full sizes. The sizing chart for CP footwear will impact your choice when you decide which size to go with. CP shoes offer a large fit so you should always go down a size if you typically wear a half size.

Common Projects (CP) is known for designing fresh, current footwear. The company rolls out new looks for men, women and children every season. In addition to offering one of the freshest footwear rosters in the industry, CP also rolls out accessories ranging from wallets to backpacks. There’s no denying that this company has captured lightning in a bottle with its sneakers. People around the world have fallen in love with the basic and simple aesthetic offered by CP footwear.

You already know that shoes made by CP cost a pretty penny if you’ve been shopping around recently. Most sneaker styles by CP retail for around $400 but there are a few reasons why CP shoes are so expensive. It’s obvious that part of the cost simply comes down to buzz. This is a hyped brand at the moment, however, you aren’t just paying to be part of a trend when you purchase a pair of CP sneakers. The brand actually uses Italian leather to create its shoes. What’s more, each pair is stitched by hand.

One of the reasons why CP footwear has been embraced around the world is the fact that the brand shuns the low-quality factory production that is used by most mainstream brands today. Every CP shoe is made in a footwear factory in the Marche region of Italy. The hands that are making these shoes really know how to create quality products and in fact, the factory that currently produces CP shoes exclusively produced leather dress shoes before switching to CP shoes.

How Do the Common Projects Achilles Low Fit?

I usually wear a size 9 for men’s footwear and in my Common Projects Achilles Low I snatched up a size 42. As the brand doesn’t do half sizes they have just a touch bit of room in the toe box. If you’re a half sizer I would recommend going down. My size fits great and I wouldn’t go down as the width feels comfortable. I have a pretty average foot width, maybe a tad on the wide and these Common Projects don’t fit narrow. A majority of the people who I questioned for sizing say they fit narrow, I won’t be buying into that anymore. You have a slighter wider foot, they’ll fit just fine.

Common Projects Size Up Or Down

A first-hand experience with any Common Project shoe and they will feel just like the money-tag on the box. The suede leather is rich and the shoe construction just feels like it’s there. You can feel cheap quality leather when you go to a shoe store and pick up a pair of shoes that feels like crap. You just have that instant click in your head where you know the shoe quality is not quite all there. If you needed a little reassurance then you will also read that all Common Projects shoes are “Made In Italy.”

Common Projects Size Up Or Down

The premium sneakers are and will always be made in Italy. The company’s business ventures and headquarters are located in New York City. It was no struggle for the brand as they were literally formed Common Projects while the two founders were working in different places and away from each other. More Achilles Low colorways will be featured below.

Most Common Projects sneakers run a size larger than usual. It’s recommended to either stay true to size or go a size down. A Men’s EU 46 is equivalent to 12.2 inches, which is equal to a UK 12 and a 13 for US sizing standards.

With less than two decades in the industry, founders Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami projected trust and confidence in their products – sporting handcrafted pairs all made in Italy, and using premium Italian Nappa leather on most of their shoes.

The Common Projects Achilles is different though. Most iconic and timeless sneakers made a lot of impact with their notable features and signature label markings all over the shoe – like Adidas Stan Smith’s branding on the tongue, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s medial logo, and the Nike Air Force One’s Air label on the midsole, Common Projects was just truly different. Common Projects launched their luxurious Achilles model with no branding whatsoever nor any symbol to identify the shoe – except for the gold-foiled numbers on the side of the shoe that represents the article number, shoe size, and color. It was the brand’s signature style for a lowkey yet fancy look.

For the ladies, EU sizes are labeled as IT (Italy), an EU or IT 37 is equal to Women’s US Size 7. When converted to a UK size, it’s equivalent to UK 4. It’s also equal to FR (France) 38.


Do common projects Achilles run big?

Common Projects shoes can sometimes run large, so go down a size if you’re between sizes or have narrow feet. As with many artisanal footwear labels, Common Projects make their shoes in full sizes only, so go down to the nearest whole size if you usually take a half size. Common Projects uses European sizing.

Are Common Projects narrow?

Sizing and fit: In my opinion, the Common Projects Achilles runs big, so I would recommend opting for a size down from your usual size; however, I must say they are pretty narrow, so sizing down may not be best for those who are wide-footed.

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