Dayz How To Cook Chicken

Combine a lengthy wooden stick to a Knife to hone it. Place the Stick inside your empty hands and fix the meals to become cooked to be able to get it ready to cook. Just one item at any given time could be cooked by doing this. A Fireplace of some kind is essential to then prepare the meals.

Cooking having a Portable Gas Stove Combine a Gas Stove having a Gas Canister to produce the applying. Put the food you want to prepare into Fry Pan or Cooking Pot. Attach the Fry Pan or Cooking Pot towards the appliance either through the Inventory menu or holding it inside your hands and clicking ‘Attach’.

Why Cook?[]

The process of converting raw food into other states has several purposes behind it, but the primary drive to do so is making the food more useful to players. For meat, that means killing potential diseases to make it safe for consumption; for produce, preventing it from rotting and becoming unsafe to eat after sitting too long.

Food typically has varying nutritional value between its different states, meaning that certain ways of preparing it will have advantages over others in regards to energy, water, volume, or all of the above.

Overcooking food, regardless of what is being cooked and the method used, will result in the food becoming burned. Burned food is essentially a waste, because it cannot be eaten without making the person sick.

Nutritional Information[]

Name Energy Water Stomach Nutr. Index Toxicity Size
Raw Chicken Steak 50 kcal 50 ml 5 ml 1 0 1×2 (2 Slots)
Rotten Chicken Steak 25 kcal 25 ml 10 ml 1 0 1×2 (2 Slots)
Baked Chicken Steak 200 kcal 50 ml 1 ml 1 0 1×2 (2 Slots)
Boiled Chicken Steak 150 kcal 100 ml 1 ml 1 0 1×2 (2 Slots)
Dried Chicken Steak 150 kcal 0 ml 2 ml 1 0 1×2 (2 Slots)
Burned Chicken Steak 50 kcal 0 ml 5 ml 1 0 1×2 (2 Slots)

Step 3: Add seasoning

Now that we have the chicken ready, it’s time to season it. Seasoning helps make the chicken more flavorful. To do so, sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the chicken.

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