Dewalt 20V Vs 20V Xr Batteries

We have occasionally received similar emails that ask about if we made mistakes that their batteries may not compatible with our adapter ot tools.


There is still a lot of confusion about what Dewalt 20V Max really means.In the most simplistic terms, Dewalt 20V Max = 18V. These aren’t 20V battery packs, they’re 18V battery packs.

If you didn’t already know this, don’t worry, it’s not just you. lots of people still assume 20V Max is more powerful than 18V.

When Dewalt first launched their 20V Max lineup with 20V Max branding, their marketing exec said it was to “avoid confusion.” They said that the intent was to differentiate the new tools from previous 18V tools so that users would know they were not backwards compatible.

Everywhere outside North America, there is no “20V Max.” Dewalt’s current generation of Li-ion power tools are simply branded 18V XR.

Here in the USA, Dewalts more premium brushless tools and higher capacity battery packs have 20V Max XR branding. These tools and batteries didn’t exist until a few years after the 20V Max platform launched.

Which would you think is more powerful, an 18V power tool or 20V power tool? “Well duh, 20V,” is the default thinking of a lot of people, or at least many if not most Americans. It’s how we’re trained to think.

What is important is that users understand that 20V Max battery packs operate at 18V nominally.

If you measure the output of a 20V Max battery pack when it’s pulled right off a charger, it’ll measure somewhere around 20V. But once a load is applied and that battery pack is put to use, the output will be 18V.

The truth is that there are 18v xr pod style lithium-ion batteries as well. They are 18v XRP, instead.

Are Dewalt 20V Max and 20V Max XR batteries interchangeable?

Are you trying to find answers to the question below:

  • Can I use the Dewalt xr battery in 20v tool?
  • Are all 20-volt Dewalt batteries interchangeable?
  • Are Dewalt 20v and 20v Max batteries interchangeable?
  • Are Dewalt XR batteries interchangeable?
  • All of 20V batteries are interchangeable, so you can use any 20V battery for any 20V Dewalt tools as long as they operate on the same voltage.

    List of 20V Dewalt Batteries Compatible with 20V Tools

    Below is the list of batteries that will work with all DEWALT 20V MAX tools and chargers.

    Part Number Capacity Line
    DCB230 3Ah DEWALT 20V MAX
    DCB240 4Ah DEWALT 20V MAX
    DCB200 3Ah DEWALT 20V MAX
    DCB201 1.5Ah DEWALT 20V MAX
    DCB203 2Ah DEWALT 20V MAX XR
    DCB204 4Ah DEWALT 20V MAX XR
    DCB205 5Ah DEWALT 20V MAX XR
    DCB206 6Ah DEWALT 20V MAX XR
    DCB208 8Ah DEWALT 20V MAX XR

    DeWalt 20V XR 0 and 4.0 Ah Lithium-ion Battery Packs

    XR tools perform well with these batteries installed. The initial results impressed us. We drilled holes through 2x material with paddle bits and standard fluted bits fitted into the DeWalt XR hammer drill. Next, we took the XR impact driver and ran hundreds and hundreds of self-tapping screws into sheet metal. We drove lag bolts, spun down decking screws…the batteries last a good long time, and yet the electronics are smart—stopping the tools when a load is encountered that will damage either the motor or the batteries.

    In either case, run-time and power were both outstanding and DeWalt has put itself back into contention for the longest run-time and hardest drilling/screwing/cutting possible on the ~18V platform. In addition to dramatically improved run-time, the new packs have improved cold-weather performance. Of course, the feature we think most professionals will observe and rejoice over is the integrated fuel gauge (battery level meter). Would you look at that—a DeWalt battery with a fuel gauge!

    The new packs are the same size as the older packs as well, (the 4.0 Ah packs weigh about 1.34 lbs.) so there is no additional weight added—just more power, speed, or torque. With the new 3-LED fuel gauge, the batteries let you know exactly how much is left on the pack—before you put it in and begin working.

    Differences between Dewalt 20V MAX and XR?

    First, it’s good to remember that the MAX and XR batteries and tools are interchangeable, which means whichever battery you buy, it will work with both model ranges.

    Dewalt 20V Vs 20V Xr Batteries

    The amp hour rating determines how long a battery will last, and the XR range features 10Ah, 8Ah, 6Ah, 5Ah, 4Ah versions. In comparison, the MAX range only has 4Ah, 3Ah, 2Ah, and 1.5Ah versions.

    In a perfect world, two 4Ah batteries will last the same amount of time. However, thanks to design improvements and increased efficiency in power delivery, the XR batteries will last up to 33% longer than the MAX batteries of the same size.

    A good comparison is between a dollar store battery and an equivalent brand name battery such as Energizer. You know the Energizer will last much longer, and that is because of design efficiencies.

    Buy Dewalt 20V Max XR for 33% longer running time:

    Dewalt 20V Vs 20V Xr Batteries

    Surprisingly, considering the 33% extra runtime, the XR version of the battery is only slightly larger than the MAX version. Even more surprising is that the XR version is just 0.1 pounds heavier than the MAX version.

    However, there are 20V MAX Compact versions, which are smaller and lighter than the equivalent XR batteries. The Compact version is two inches smaller in height and length and 0.3 pounds lighter than the XR version.

    The power increase has been achieved through improved technology rather than increasing the capacity of the existing battery. The MAX and XR batteries are compatible by keeping the dimensions similar and retaining the same connection system. The only difference is that the XR version lasts longer.

    Of course, you would expect this extra performance to come at a cost, but surprisingly not. While the 4.0 Ah MAX Compact battery retails for around $98, the XR 4.0 Ah equivalent can be found for less than $90.

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