What Episode Does Ragnar Die In The Last Kingdom

In The Last Kingdom, there are a number of interesting characters that fans can’t get enough of, and Ragnar the Younger (Tobias Santelmann) is certainly one of them. He is Uhtred’s (Alexander Dreymon) brother and close friend, though they have been known to bump heads. Read on to learn why the fate of Ragnar the Younger still bothers fans.

Ragnar’s family adopts Uhtred as his own and they become brothers. They have been known to have their disagreements, but they always manage to come through for each other. When Uhtred is being held as a slave, Ragnar goes to find him and rescue him, saving his life in the process. It’s something Uhtred always remembers.

Haesten tells Uthred that Cnut got Ethelwold to kill Ragnar (“Episode 4.3“).

THE LAST KINGDOM is on Netflix now and fans have been remembering some characters from the past. Who killed Ragnar in The Last Kingdom? By

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The Last Kingdom has just been renewed for season five on Netflix and fans are looking forward to seeing more of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon). One character they would have liked to have seen more of is Uhtreds brother Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) who was killed off in season three. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about who killed Ragnar in The Last Kingdom.

Who killed Ragnar in The Last Kingdom?

Ragnar Ragnarrson was one of the main characters in The Last Kingdom in the first three seasons, and he also featured in The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell.

He was a fan-favourite as he always came to Uhtreds aid, even though he did not necessarily agree with whom his brothers loyalty was with.

In the second season of The Last Kingdom he helped free Uhtred and his new friend Finan (Mark Rowley) from slavery, and he was reunited with his sister Thyra (Julia Bache-Wiig) who had been held captive.

By season three Ragnar had continued his disagreement with Uhtred over Uhtreds decision to support King Alfred (David Dawson) and the Saxons.

Ragnar decided to lead a huge army of Danes to fight Alfred and claim his kingdom of Wessex for themselves. As Uhtred did not help them, Ragnar stripped him of the name Ragnarsson.

Despite their disagreement, Ragnar still loved his brother and he prevented him from being killed during a battle with Bloodhair (Ola Rapace).

The mischievous Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) suggested Ragnar and Cnut (Magnus Bruun) should kill Uhtred, and Ragnar ended up attacking Aethelwold.

Cnut turned Aethelwold against Ragnar by trying to convince him Ragnar would come back and kill him.

Aethelwold made the decision to kill Ragnar first before he had a chance to hurt him, and he stabbed Ragnar in his sleep.

Ragnar had been in a relationship with Brida (Emily Cox) at the time and she was heartbroken to hear of his death.

She later found out in season four that it was her new lover Cnut who had persuaded Aethelwold to kill Ragnar. In order to get back at Cnut for his deceit, she killed him.

Ragnars soul had been freed and it found its way to Valhalla after Uhtred stabbed a pouch of Thyras blood Aethelwold had been holding.

Uhtred had found out that in order to end Ragnars killers life, he needed to stab him with a blade covered in Ragnars blood.

As Thyra was Ragnars sister, Uhtred was able to use her blood to coat the blade and kill Aethelwold.

Aethelwold had placed his murder weapon in the hands of another woman to make it look like she had killed Ragnar.

But it was, in fact, Cnut who had encouraged Aethelwold to kill Ragnar so he could take over as leader of the Danes.

Uhtred was also broken when he found out his brother had been killed, despite everything they had been through.

Fans were distraught to see Ragnar leave the series and they took to social media to express their sadness.

One fan said on Reddit: “Everyone loves Ragnar right?? Even Cnut which comes out as jealousy? An amazing main character in both series amirite? Strong loyal bonds, fearless fighter, natural-born leader, great personality.

“I really could not stand it that he reached for his sword upon death and was denied! I mean come on you took his life you little weasel at least give him Valhalla.”

Some fans have questioned why he did not have guards posted outside his tent while he was sleeping, as this could have prevented Aethelwolds attack.

Soneca said: “My thinking is that as a leader of Danes, one would have the full respect and following of his men with no need for a guard. “If guards were needed then he’d be unfit to lead which would mean someone would have challenged him by now.

“Cnut knew he could only manipulate an outsider such as Aethelwold since asking a fellow Dane to kill Ragnar in his sleep would come across as weak. This is all conjecture though.”

Fans have agreed Ragnar should have died a noble death so he could join his family in Valhalla at an earlier opportunity.

One said on Twitter: “I’m finally up to season three of The Last Kingdom… and Ragnar Ragnarsson should be in Valhalla dining with his father!! I’m not okay!”

The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now

The opening bout was a livener, a little pick-me-up that gave Uhtred the chance to stretch his fighting legs amid all this series’ brooding and plotting. While our lead was never in danger (this is episode four of ten, after all), the side line interactions from Finan and co. made the outcome unpredictable. It also gave us a chance to witness the formation of the smallest shield wall yet (just two!) and some impressive sword twiddling. Good stuff.

Snog a princess, more like. With that kiss in the stables, Aethelflaed showed more than a purely professional interest in Uhtred. It makes sense for her to have a crush on her dad’s hot mate from work. Uhtred’s always treated her well, and, as Erik proved, warrior Danes with a sensitive side are totally her type. For the sake of Mercia though, its Lady had better not skip any further down that particular path. Uhtred’s women have the life expectancy of mayflies, and Aethelflaed has history to make.

Millie Brady inhabits her character with convincing poise and backbone in series three. Aethelflaed’s a changed woman since we last saw her sticking the pointy end in Sigefrid; she’s grown into the kind of capable leader you can really get behind (literally, when a band of marauding Danes comes knocking at the door). More robust than her father, braver than her husband, and less hot-headed than her Uhtred, the Lady of Mercia is the hero England needs. It’s only a pity she wasn’t able to think up a way out of her Abbey predicament herself.

Someone who could use Uhtred’s strategic nous now is Aethelwold, whose days are surely numbered. Actor Harry McEntire has always been entertaining as the wry, self-serving spare wheel of Alfred’s court, but underneath the wisecracks and shadowy skulking, he’s also managed to convey recognisable feeling. Craven, egotistical feeling, but feeling nonetheless. Aethelwold’s cowardly actions this episode—driven by an absolute need for survival (and hey, having made it this far with little more than his sneakiness to recommend him, the man’s certainly a survivor) were awful, but made sense for the desperate person we know.

Uhtred though, is always the man with a plan. He’s a one-warrior ideas factory, ever ready with some wheeze involving a horse’s skull or a castle breach. This one involved swapping a witch for a princess, promising to do it with the witch so she’d acquiesce, and getting re-cursed in the process.


What episode does Earl Ragnar die?

Episode 415 saw Ragnar die in a pit of snakes at the hands of the ruthless King Aelle (an act that later prompted Ragnar’s sons extract their bloody revenge on the monarch by executing him via the Blood Eagle).

How does Ragnar Ragnarsson die?

He died at the Battle of Strangford Lough in 877 trying to press his Irish claim.

Does Earl Ragnar die in the last kingdom?

He stoked xenophobic unrest in Wessex, which led to Father Beocca’s wife Thyra being killed. Aethelwold plotted with Ragnar’s cousin Jarl Cnut (unbeknownst to Brida, who later became Cnut’s lover) and murdered Ragnar in his sleep. Uhtred killed Aethelwold in battle with the Danes, letting Ragnar pass into Valhalla.

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