Energy Sap Castle Clash

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Enchantments in Castle Clash. Let’s just get into the details below!

A piece of equipment always has 6 Traits. These can be rerolled all at once using either 300 merits (for lvl 1-5 traits) or 150 gems (for lvl 2-5 traits). When rerolling you can choose to lock certain traits, but this increases the cost of the reroll (+5 gems for 1 lock, +15 gems for 2 locks, +50 gems for 3 locks, +300 gems for 4 locks, +1800 gems for 5 locks). Traits of the same stat type are stackable. Advertisement

Once augmented two new powers are unlocked. The first is an equipment enchantment. These enchantments act much like talents specific to equipment, coming in 5 levels and various types. The next power is a collection of traits. These traits likewise come in 5 levels and various types, each increasing a particular stat.

There is no situation where energy is carried over from a proc.You will never see a hero end with 5 or 10 energy after a proc unless that hero is being attacked by troops or towers. Heroes gain 1 energy per attack from Troops. Also keep in mind all these calculations assume there is no scatter, Cupid, Minotaur, or other influences.

When fighting the boss or arena youll notice your hero takes 7 attacks to fill energy and it procs on the 8th, but then your hero only takes 6 more attacks to reach full energy before procing on the 7th attack. The issue here is that a proc resets your energy to 0 just an instant before your 8th attack. The 8th attack is actually the 1st attack of a new series, thus your hero gains 15 energy. Now we will count up to 7 and every 8th = 1st. In practice it appears like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, (proc)8, 2, 3… 7, (proc) 8, 2… So you see it always takes the same amount of attacks to reach full energy and proc. The only exception is when the target is eliminated from the proc resulting in no 8th attack. Then youll have to start counting from 1 again instead of 2.

Heroes gain 15 energy each time they make a successful normal attack (successful means it is not dodged). Heroes also gain 15 energy when receiving an attack or damaging proc from another hero. If an enemys proc hits the hero multiple times, the hero gains 15 energy on each hit. Procs that never reduce hitpoints grant no energy (for example Shaman or Ice Demon). The energy bar has a maximum value of 100 and it must be full before a proc can occur. Therefore it takes six attacks to reach 90 energy, and seven attacks to reach 100 energy (the remaining 5 energy gets “lost”). The eighth attack activates the proc and provides 15 energy towards the next proc. On the next series you will start with 15 energy so it will only take 6 more attacks to reach 100 energy, and you will proc on the 7th attack. A proc is not able to activate until the energy bar is full and requires an auto-attack to activate (exception: Autoproc Heroes). Autoproc heroes proc after the seventh attack instead of the eighth.

If a proc activates and destroys the target leaving the hero with no available targets, then the hero is unable to follow the proc with a normal attack and thus is left at zero energy. This is most noticeable on heroes like Ninja or Thunder God who have high damage procs and short ranged normal attacks. Heroes with non-damaging procs (like Druid) cant return to a zero energy state on their own as they will always make a normal attack instantly after their proc.

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Enchantments in Castle Clash. Let’s just get into the details below!

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