General File Number (GF Number) – and internal filing number which is assigned by title companies to individual real estate transactions.

How a Title Company Uses a GF number

To explain how a Title Company uses a GF number, we have to start with what happens after your contract to purchase (or sell) a house is accepted.

The first step always starts with the contract. Once it is signed by everybody, also called executed, it gets sent over to a title company that has also been negotiated by everybody.

On the contract is the house address, and even a legal description of the property, as well as all the sale price, terms, and other negotiated items.

Once the contract is received the title company starts by opening title on the property.

They are going to collect earnest money which will be put in an escrow account, prepare a title commitment, and look in the public records for a title search. They will look at all the legal documents in the public record and look at the chain of title and then create a title insurance policy once everything is in good shape. To keep track of all the documents, the title company will assign a GF number to the file and this will be one of the identifiers throughout the process. It’s more of an internal working number and isn’t something that most people will even know about or care for.

As escrow continues different parties will contribute to the file. This can include lenders, attorneys, appraisers, surveyors, and others. To keep track of everything, they may use the property address or GF number interchangeably.

As files go back and forth between mortgage lenders and title companies, the GF number helps to keep everything straight.

Then during the closing process, everything is all together and together for a smooth closing day.

The Title Company in Opening Title – Contract Signing & Receipt

When the real estate transaction has been negotiated and settled, the buyer and the seller sign the contract. The contract is then submitted by a party to the agreement (usually the real estate agent) to the title company along with the earnest money payment. Earnest money is the reasonable amount of money to be delivered to the title company with the contract; in the event of a breach this amount will be paid to the seller of the property.

Is title Company same as escrow?

Escrow companies and title companies are not the same; however, a title company can offer escrow services. … This earnest money is placed into an escrow account and maintained/managed for you throughout the closing process. A title company handles many other details surrounding the purchase of property.


What is a gf no?

GF Number In Real Estate – Definition

It is important to note that this receipt will include what is called a guaranty file number (GF Number) which is the number used to identify the file.

Is a title company required in Texas?

Texas does not require title insurance. The lender will require you to buy a Loan Policy of Title Insurance to protect their interest.

What is an owner’s title policy in Texas?

What is an Owner’s Title Policy in Texas? An owner’s title policy in Texas protects the buyer of the property from problems arising out of any defects in the title of the property including ownership disputes and liens.

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