Ninja Foodi Frozen Ground Beef

Frozen Ground Beef in the Instant Pot is a fast and convenient way to thaw and cook a frozen block of ground beef. Use your pressure cooker to quickly cook frozen hamburger meat. Have cooked ground beef ready for your recipe!

Cooking frozen ground beef in a pressure cooker

This method drains almost ALL of the grease and fat away from the meat. It ends up at the bottom of the pot (seen below). SO you get leaner ground beef to cook.

  • It’s a great tip to have in case you forget to thaw it out the night before.
  • You can thaw ground beef in about 20 minutes versus overnight.
  • I honestly have been doing this for quite some time. But since it’s such a simple thing I ignored the fact that I hadn’t written a post about it. Now I’m sharing this tip with all of you.

    I think other than saving me a ton of time it saves those days when I’m forgetful. Dinner is saved!

    Frozen Ground Turkey in Pressure Cooker

    Typically I buy 80/20 ground beef, turkey or chicken would work just fine too. When we bought a cow earlier this year though I didn’t know what those were. For the most part they are rather lean.

  • However I’ve always had an issue with draining the fat well and in the past.
  • I’ve poured the cooked ground beef into a strainer, and turned on the hot water to rinse it.
  • Look! The fat drains away from the meat using this Instant Pot frozen ground beef method.

    Combined with the water you add to the bottom, now you just dump it before you turn it to saute. Fat is gone!

    Ninja Foodi Frozen Ground Beef

    Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Beef

    There are a lot of details involved when it comes to understanding the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed cows. The basics are that grass-fed beef is typically more expensive, but it is much healthier to eat. It’s filled with vitamins like B6, vitamin E, and vitamin A. The cows start their lives by drinking milk from their moms and grazing on grass and other edible plants.

    Grain-Fed beef is much less expensive but doesn’t have the antioxidants and vitamins that grass-fed does. Grain-fed beef do eat grains and gets growth hormones. It’s basically up to you which one you prefer to eat.


    Can I cook frozen ground beef in Ninja Foodi?

    Can you cook frozen ground beef from frozen? Yes! It is perfectly safe to cook frozen meats. Cooking time will be approximately 50% longer than the recommended time for fully thawed or fresh meat and poultry.

    How do you cook frozen ground beef in a ninja air fryer?

    Place the four seasoned, frozen hamburger patties in the air fryer, evenly spaced. Cook at 400º F for 12 minutes, or until the meat thermometer reads 160ºF. Flip the hamburgers in the air fryer halfway through cooking.

    Can you cook ground beef in a ninja Foodi?

    It is so easy to do in just 5 minutes and the fat just drains away from the meat. NO more sizzling in a pan inside the grease. This is a great way to keep your hamburger meat very lean. You can use your Ninja Foodi machine to do this too.

    Can you cook ground beef directly from frozen?

    Whenever you cook food straight from the freezer, you should expect it to take roughly 50% longer than it would if it were fresh or defrosted. That’s the general rule of thumb. As you’ll find in our cooking instructions below, cooking frozen ground beef can still be relatively fast.

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