San Bernardino Food Handlers

How long does the San Bernardino County Food Handlers training and test take?

The San Bernardino county food handlers training and test takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. But training can take longer for those who wish to spend time to study and review in order to be better prepared for the final exam.

Q: How many times can I take the online course? A: You can take the online course as many times as necessary until you successfully pass the course. When you sign up and pay the $22 fee, you will be eligible to take the test twice. If you fail both times, you will have to pay the $22 fee again and be given 2 more opportunities to pass the course.

Q: Do I need to give a copy of the food handler certificate to my employer? A: Yes, your employer must have a copy of your current valid Certified Food Handler card available at their food facility. The large certificate should be given to the food facility as proof of taking the training and passing the test. The smaller wallet-sized certificate can be kept in the employee’s wallet.

Food facilities that prepare, handle or serve nonprepackaged potentially hazardous food, except temporary food facilities, shall have an owner or employee who has successfully passed an approved and accredited food safety certification examination as specified in Sections 113947.2 and 113947.3. There shall be at least one food safety certified owner or employee at each food facility. No certified person at a food facility may serve at any other food facility as the person required to be certified pursuant to this subdivision. The certified owner or employee need not be present at the food facility during all hours of operation.

Q: Why is food handler training so important? A: Food safety has been an important issue in the restaurant industry for decades. Foodborne illnesses are still a major problem in the United States. The CDC estimates that each year 9.4 million Americans get sick, more than 55,900 are hospitalized, and a shocking 1,351 people die from foodborne illnesses just from known pathogens.

Q: Can I stop the training or test, save my spot, and continue to take the training or test at a later time? A: Yes, you are able to stop the training or test, save your spot and continue at a later time and restart from where you left off. If you are not able to pass with an 80% or higher on your first attempt, you are automatically issued a second test attempt. If you are unable to pass the second time, you will need to repurchase and re-watch the course.

Employers are responsible for maintaining accurate records that all food handlers employed by the establishment hold a valid California Food Handlers Card. An example of proper documentation would be to keep a copy of each food handler’s card on file, so it is available upon request to the next health inspector.

Generally, no. Your food handler card will be issued under your name and valid for 3 years, even if you start working for a different employer or work for two or more restaurants. However, if any of the establishments you work for is located in San Bernardino, San Diego or Riverside County, you will need to obtain a Food Handlers Card to work there. These counties issue their own food handler card.


How do I get a food handlers permit in San Bernardino County?

Please call or text 1 (800) 442‐2283 for more information about our food handler training. The training and test is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and costs $22. Only credit, debit and prepaid debit cards are accepted.

How long is the San Bernardino food handlers card?

In San Bernardino, your food handlers card expires 3 years after it is issued. To renew your San Bernardino food handlers card, you must sign up and purchase the county course and pass their test all over again!

How much is a food handlers card in California?

$7.95 | California Food Handlers Card | eFoodHandlers®

Who needs a food handlers card in California?

According to California Senate Bill No. 303 (SB 303), all food handlers are required to obtain a California food handler card after completing a food safety training course and passing an assessment.

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