Stardew Valley Rusty Key Bug

Stardew Valley Sewer Key Bugged and Not Working

It’s quite rare, really. But there’s a bug that many players have encountered in the game. There’s a certain Reddit thread where played had encountered a bug but it’s unbeknownst to the creator themselves.

However, this bug only happens when you install multiple mods and there’s a possible conflict between the files. When you’ve reached the bottom of the mines, completed Krobus’s event, and got the key, you might encounter a possible door entry bug.

It was resolved after a few several patches, so don’t worry much.

You can learn a few cooking tips by checking this cooking guide.

Just like levelling up a skill at the end of the day causes the player to wake up with full energy the next day no matter what, using this statue on any given day will cause the player to wake up with full energy the next day as well.

In late game players will get the quest Dark Talisman, which sends them to speak with Krobus in the sewers. Once spoken to hell open a passage inside the sewers to a new small area, the Mutant Bug Lair. Inside players can gather the talisman for their quest, catch unique fish (Slimejack) and fight swarms of bugs.

The Statue Of Uncertainty allows the player to change professions. After donating Gold.png10,000g, the statue requires the player to choose one skill to change. That night after the player goes to bed, the Level 5 “Choose a profession” screen will appear, followed by the corresponding Level 10 “Choose a profession” screen for the skill selected at the statue.

In late-game Krobus can open a passage through the sewers to the Mutant Bug Lair, once players are on the quest Dark Talisman.

Only skills for which professions have already been chosen will appear in the Statues menu. As soon as the player chooses a profession to change, the bonuses for existing professions disappear. Skills that gives bonuses to sell prices will not apply to items placed in the shipping bin the day the profession is changed.

2 2 of 11:Look for artifact spots in every outdoor area.

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    They look like 3 wavy lines on the ground. One of the easiest ways to collect artifacts for donation is to simply look for signs of an artifact spotknown as worms

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