The Blacklist Who Is Tom

The Blacklist quickly became one of the biggest hits on prime time TV, and it’s still stunning audiences eight years later. The cast is phenomenal, led by veteran actor James Spader.

One actor became a fan favorite, but audiences don’t realize how close they were to seeing someone else in that role. Ryan Eggold–known by the audience as Tom Keen–nearly passed up the role without even a second thought.


In Dresden, Germany, we see Tom Keen beating up a man to find where he hid his stash. He was able to do that and let him live but not before breaking his knee.

Liz is in Judge Richard Denners chamber, and he tells her that he has a bullet fragment that was found on the ship belonging to her. She tells the judge that she did not kill Eugene Ames and he sends her home letting her know there will be a ruling in the morning.

Red tells the team that in order to exonerate Liz, they have to bring in Tom Keen, who is undercover. He lets them know they are looking for a group called Die Entrechteten in Dresden. They are drug dealers and the most ruthless in Europe. Liz comes by and wants to know what they are doing, Red and Donald tell her they have found Tom. Liz tells Red that Tom will not come back and that this is her fault, the reason why Eugene is dead.

Red visits Ruddiger in rehab, trying to obtain information about Die Entrechteten. He lets Red know about an arms dealer named Kohls death and they recruited a new boy that is looking for F2000 assault rifles.

Donald and Red are looking for Franz Becker, who they think will get in contact with Tom. Red lets Donald know once Tom takes a new undercover role, he becomes real. He is the covert operative that convinces himself into the role.

At the MWC Kaiser Airfield in Munich Germany, the FBI, led by Donald, storms in and raid a shipping container full of machine guns.

Liz calls her financial advisor, Jeff, to move her money to another account and have her current account closed. Harold tells Liz that he perjured himself for her. She apologizes for that, but not because of the mission. She wanted Berlin caught and will do anything for that. He has a nosebleed and falls unconscious.

Red is at a tattoo parlor, talking to a man and letting him know about the shipment that was raided. He lets him know that he can get the shipment back if he gets 35% of the cost. He agrees.

The doctor tells Harolds wife, Charlene, that Harold has a seizure cause by his condition.

A car drives into the garage and Tom comes up to the car where he sees Red and Donald. He wants to know why they are here and tells them to leave. They inform Tom that he needs to come back to save Liz. Elias arrives and sees Red and wonders why he is here. Red lets him know that his shipment was raided and he can get it back. First, he lets him know that Tom is untrustworthy. Both sides engage in a gun battle, while Tom escapes. Donald wants to go after him, but Red says no, they already delivered the message.

Det. Wilcox tells lawyer Morrison that Liz is planning to leave because she moved her money to an offshore account. Morrison lets him know that it is not illegal to move your accounts and tells him they cant do anything.

Tom goes back to his apartment and calls Red. He doesnt want to come back, but Red tells him that she will be indicted and must protect Liz at all cost.

Liz talks to Charlene and wants to know Harolds condition. He has a brain tumor, glioblastoma, that was found a year ago, when he was attacked. She lets Liz know that he was put into an experimental trial program that seemed to work, until today. She asks Liz not to say anything and she agrees.

Aram made a get well card but got news that Harold was in the hospital because of low blood sugar. Donald comes back and tells the team that they did not bring Tom back.

Back in court, the Deputy Attorney General lets the judge know that the Attorney General is involved now. Judge Richard Denner lets her know if the Attorney General is interested in the case, he will be in the courtroom. Suddenly, Tom Keen walks into the courtroom and confesses that he is the killer.

Tom is in Richards chambers, trying to get answers. He tells him he doesnt care what happens to him but is only here for Liz. He confesses, saying he killed Eugene and Liz had nothing to do with it.

Liz comes to see Harold and apologizes. She lets him know that the reason why she is here and a better person is because of him. Charlene lets Harold know the doctor is ready to go over his results.

Judge Richard mentions that Liz will still be charged for murder because of her previous answers. He finds out that Tom is still in love with her and that they will go to grand jury. Tom Connolly walks in and says this deal wont happen. Tom leaves and the two talk about how Denner did something that wasnt necessary. He had obtained information concerning national security, which he shouldnt have. Connolly lets him know that he crossed the line and must stop doing what he is doing. They argue about legal authority and government security regulations. Connolly mocks Denner and leaves.

The doctor states that Harolds health is improving and the trial is working.

In the court room, Judge Denner doesnt like that the government can overrride the constitution with the “national security” reason. He makes a ruling that if Liz and Cooper testify, it is a matter of national security. Wilcox is outraged that “the Feds are above the law”. Denner and Wilcox tell Liz that the memory of Eugene Ames will haunt her. The Attorney General lets Liz know that Denner never had a case and there was no chance of a trial. Liz wants to know what will happen to Tom. Connolly replies, Tom was never in custody.

Connolly goes to see Harold in his office. They exchange talks and he is satisfied with what had happened. He congratulates Harold, a job well done!

Liz is on the phone with Jeff and he informs her that the money was sent to Mr. Ames daughter as a scholarship and it is to remain as from an anonymous benefactor. Red lets Liz know that everything is about her and she shouldnt reflect on this. Liz receives a call from Tom, asking if she is okay.

Press Release[]

LIZS EX-HUSBAND RATES A HIGH RANKING ON REDDINGTONS BLACKLIST AS THE TEAM TRACKS DOWN TOM KEEN TO CLEAR LIZ FROM MURDER CHARGES – As evidence mounts against Liz in the case of the murdered DC Harbormaster, a federal judge makes it clear to her that she will face severe criminal charges. Reddington and Ressler jump into high gear to exonerate Liz but the only solution is to find the recently vanished Tom Keen – wherever he may be operating in the world.

One of the show’s stars didn’t even want the part

The Blacklist Who Is Tom

The Blacklist certainly became a smash prime time hit, but not all the cast members were eager to be a part of the series in the beginning. Ryan Eggold played Tom Keen, Elizabeth’s husband. In an interview with Daily Actor, Megan Boone (who plays Elizabeth Keen) recalled how Eggold nearly passed up the role without even reading the script.

The actor was in New York at the time, working on a film. He apparently had no interest in working in television, and only read the script after being hounded by his agents. According to Boone, “Ryan wasn’t interested in doing TV and then his agents nagged him and nagged to read the script. He wouldn’t and then finally, they said they’re really looking for this character and the script is incredible.”

Executive Producer John Eisendrath also joined the interview. He didn’t know Eggold wasn’t interested in the part–in fact, he had never even heard of the actor at the time. He does remember Eggold’s audition, however, and the actor made quite an impression. “I was like, oh yes, he’s got it all.”


What is Tom’s secret in blacklist?

Howard Hargrave is a private intelligence contractor. He was once married to Susan Hargrave and is the biological father of Tom Keen.

Who does Tom Keen work for in The Blacklist?

At some point, he was assigned to go undercover as “Craig Keen”, the fake brother of Tom Keen, by Milos Kirchoff, a.k.a. Berlin.

Who is Tom Keen’s killer?

ISTP (5w6)

Tom Keen personality type is ISTP, but the ISTJ child has a few characteristics that make it easier for him or her to be an ISTP than an ISTJ.

Who is Tom Keen’s father in blacklist?

A: Tom suspects Lucy was spying on him and his double life is finally revealed in “The Judge”. It was also revealed that Tom had only married Elizabeth because his superiors told him to do so in order to attack her.

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