What Do You Do With Monkey Noodles

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What Do You Do With Monkey Noodles

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Best Sellers at Monkey Noodle Fidget Store

  • DURABLE AND SAFE: Made with premium custom formulated materials, the tactile sensory toys are hypoallergenic, nontoxic and BPA’s free. They are strong, durable and safe for kids and adults
  • GOOD SENSORY TOYS: Children can use the monkey noodles to creative different patterns. Teachers and parents can use the stretchy string toy to exercise students` imagination, develop intelligence
  • RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY: These stretch fidget string can relieve stress and anxiety and increase patient. Especially great for those dealing with ADD / ADHD, OCD, AUTISM or high anxiety to reduce stress and anxiety as well as help to focusing attention
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: All the fidget noodles are very small in size, which allows you to put them into your pocket, bag, or pencil case… They are also lightweight so that you can play them with one hand any time and anywhere. They are relaxing and perfect toys to kill time and get endless pleasure.
  • What Do You Do With Monkey Noodles


    Are monkey noodles washable?

    Cleaning the noodles is so easy!

    When I saw that the monkey noodles were made out of rubbery material, I was worried they would get dirty and dingy really fast, but the silicone material is very durable and unbelievably easy to wash off.

    How far can a monkey noodle stretch?

    IMPRESA 5-Pack Glow in The Dark Original Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidget / Sensory Toys (BPA/Phthalate/Latex-Free) – Stretches from 10 Inches to 8 Feet!

    How many monkey noodles are in a pack?


    Super fun, squiggly, stretchy noodle toys. 5 noodle clusters per each individual zip sealed bag.

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