What Size Needles On Rodan And Fields Roller

Want to buy a derma roller? Choosing derma roller needle size is really simple once you’ve read following tips. There are a number of aspects you should keep in mind to benefit most from your derma roller treatments.

The AMP MD System roller from Rodan + Fields has 198 surgical steel micro-needles that are consistent in length (0.2 mm).

Micro-Needle Skin Rollers and Collagen Induction Therapy

People are willing to try just about anything for smooth, youthful skin. Surgery, fractal laser resurfacing, Botox, chemical peels, expensive skin care products and even snail slime are all said to improve skins texture and appearance.

Recently, derma rollers have been getting a lot of media buzz and Internet chatter, but do they work?

Proponents of micro-needle rollers claim they diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring by catalyzing the skins repairing and regeneration mechanisms. Their small needles puncture the skin when rolled over it, which is supposed to stimulate collagen and elastin production. In addition, they may enhance the absorption of certain skincare products after use.

Micro-needle rollers are fitted with a rotating head lined with tiny acupuncture-type needles. These delicate needles gently and painlessly pierce the skin everywhere the roller is rolled. The roller is moved up and down, back and forth and diagonally over the face, creating a series of tiny channels in the skin.

These micro-channels allow two things to happen. First, they encourage medicated treatments to be absorbed deeply by the skin. Second, the tiny punctures actually signal to the body that it has been wounded. The body rushes collagen and elastin to the area to repair the skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles and healthier skin as collagen levels are boosted.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has not approved micro-needle rollers for at-home use. A number of micro-needle derma rollers produced outside of the US are on the FDAs Import Alert red list, since their needles are classed for clinical use only. This doesnt necessarily mean theyre unsafe, but it does mean the FDA doesnt think theyre appropriate for at-home skin care.

Several medical studies have proven the effectiveness of micro-needle treatments on acne scars. One study in JAMA Dermatology warns of the possibility of severe allergic reactions when micro-needling is followed by serums or irritating skincare products.

In June 2012 Rodan and Fields, an American skincare company, suspended sales of their AMP MD micro-needle roller while the FDA was investigating the product. Rodan and Fields claimed their own testing demonstrated the AMP MD was a cosmetic tool, but the FDA wanted to assess whether or not it should be classified as a medical device (as many imported micro-needle rollers are). The RF skin roller passed the FDA a second time is now available again.

A concern for at-home micro-needling is the inability to recreate a sterile clinical environment. Studies have only proven the effectiveness of micro-needling in a clinical setting, but if you do decide to do it at home, be careful to keep the roller as clean as possible, and avoid any irritating skincare products either before or after usage. Home-use rollers needles are usually only 0.2 millimeters long, while clinical-use ones may be longer.

See the needle rash I got from using a cheap derma roller here: Micro Needle Skin Rollers

How to choose the best needle size for your dermarolling therapy?

There is lots of false information out there regarding how to use dermarolling therapy. Some says that for dermarolling to be effective, you need to use it daily for you to notice significant changes. Others give tips on how you can decide for the best needle size to treat your skin.

You have to be very meticulous when reading information like this because some of them are not true and may even cause more harm than good. It is very important to keep in mind that it is not the frequency of microneedling that affects the success of the treatment. One of the very important factors is actually the microneedle size.

So, when do you use the specific needle size and how to choose the best one?

The 0.25 mm microneedle is effective for boosting skin care products for rapid skin absorption which is commonly known as transdermal drug delivery. If you want to reduce your wrinkles and skin lines, this is not the appropriate needle size to look for. The 0.25 mm microneedle cannot induce collagen growth. It can only thicken the epidermal layer which is a great way to enhance the effect of your favorite moisturizing cream and other skin care serums.

The good thing about 0.25 mm microneedle is that it cannot induce bleeding and it is generally not painful. Some even did not experience any pain. If you use it on a daily basis, it may trigger redness, irritation and dryness because it may cause loss of skin moisture. Some skin expert recommend using 0.25 mm every other day for a more enhance result.

But if you have a sensitive skin, thin skin or ethnic skin, it is best to consult first your dermatologist before using dermarollers. These skin types have different reactions when it comes to microneedling.

The 0.5 mm microneedle is best for reducing or removing scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and UV damage. It also has more added benefit for skin care absorption than 0.25 mm needle size. If you want to have a monthly dermaroller treatment, this is the ideal needle size to choose.

This needle size is also less painful compared with the longer microneedles. You may not even use need a numbing cream to ease the pain but you may have longer recovery time which usually takes a few days. Other common side effects are dryness, redness and peeling.

You may also experience minimal bleeding and several blood spots. The 0.5 mm microneedle has mild effect on stimulating collagen growth so you may need additional treatment, to see visible results.

Choosing Derma Roller Needle Size For Wrinkle Care

Sadly, needles below 0.5mm are not long enough to simulate collagen synthesis in skin. For this reason, they are not preferred for anti-aging purposes. If you are looking for a derma roller to reduce wrinkles or scars, you need atleast 0.5 mm needle length (for face) or even 1.0 mm or 1.5 mm derma roller (for body areas).


How big is Rodan and Fields derma roller?

How often should I use the AMP MD™ Roller? For best results, we recommend that AMP MD™ be used as directed with the REDEFINE Regimen and Night Renewing Serum at least three nights a week and advancing to nightly use as tolerated.

How often should you use Rodan and Fields AMP roller?

Use roller after cleansing and toning your face in the evening. Use on face and/or neck at least three times a week. Gently roll the skin with 4-10 passes, changing direction with each pass. Total rolling time should be no more than one minute.

Is a .25 derma roller effective?

The 0.25 mm microneedle is effective for boosting skin care products for rapid skin absorption which is commonly known as transdermal drug delivery. If you want to reduce your wrinkles and skin lines, this is not the appropriate needle size to look for. The 0.25 mm microneedle cannot induce collagen growth.

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