What’S In The Blazin Sauce At Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings started as a way for two former Buffalo natives to enjoy their hometown’s signature, crave-worthy bar food after moving to Ohio. Since its inception in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) has reinvented the humble buffalo wing and taken it to the masses.

With 20 signature sauces and 5 dry rub seasonings to choose from, there’s a wing for everyone. No matter what your tolerance for heat or your preference for a wet sauce or a dry rub, Buffalo Wild Wings has curated an impressive offering of wing options.

In this article, we’ve ranked them all from mildest to hottest and included some key ingredient information to make your next wing order as safe or as daring as you’d like!

Buffalo Wild Wings sells all their sauces and seasonings separately and serves on any of their signature wings. All their in-house wings, boneless, traditional, and cauliflower, contain wheat and gluten.

But this year, Buffalo Wild Wings is changing things up with an all-new Blazin’ Challenge featuring the brand’s Blazin’® Carolina Reaper sauce. This super spicy sauce is measured at more than two million Scoville units, and features the Carolina Reaper pepper, hot red pepper sauce, and roasted garlic.

I first went to Buffalo Wild Wings before they had become a major chain, eating at the original location near Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. At that time they served mostly just wings and beer and the electronic trivia game you could participate in was one of their big draws. They have since expanded and become more of a casual dining location, though they have not forgotten their roots and still put out some of the best wings out there. The $7.49 boneless wing deal is a darn good value, and if you don’t want to go all the way to the highest heat level then try the Wild or Nashville Hot or Mango Habanero. All three deliver good heat and good taste as well. (The Caribbean Jerk is quite tasty as well, but it is more towards medium heat).

When you bite into one of these wings, you get an immediate peppery taste with raisiny hints of dried ghost chili in the background. The sauce has a tang and a little bit of sweetness as well, delivering a richer and slightly smoky variation on the expected wing sauce taste. They use whole chunks of chicken which are tender and flavorful, though most of the taste you get is from the sauce. The wings have a decent ratio of breading to meat, though they tend to lose the crunch pretty quickly because of the amount of sauce, unless you are eating them almost straight out of the frier. I don’t count that against them because the crust still delivers good texture.

And among the chains, BWW has remained at the top as far as their spiciest wings and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. For the longest time, their Blazin’ Sauce was their hottest and it was a favorite of mine. They amped that up with ghost chilis for a while, and now they have taken that to an even higher level by adding Carolina Reapers. I just recently took advantage of their six boneless wing bundle (comes with fries for only $7.49) and got all six wings with the latest and hottest version of the Blazin’ sauce. (I may have already tried it earlier in the year, but I can’t remember if that was the ghost chili version or if they had added the Reaper already.)

Well, they definitely deliver in that department. After just one wing, you certainly feel the burn. After two, your mouth is on fire (if not before that). And three takes you on a direct path into the inferno. But there is still some good flavor there from the sauce, chicken, and breading, so it is not all pain and you find yourself grabbing yet another wing (at least I do). These are not for the meek, though, and may send even some chiliheads running for the fire extinguisher (or a tall glass of milk). But six is definitely doable, especially if you have celery, blue cheese, fries, and/or a drink close by to break up the heat (and I highly recommend their queso as an excellent appetizer and a good dairy product to offset the burn of the sauce).

BWW currently has a Blazin’ challenge that the more daring chilihead might want to try. You have to eat ten bone-in Blazin’ wings in five minutes with no drinks or sides. I haven’t tried it yet, and I’m not certain I will. If it was boneless wings I might. But the bone-in wings assure you will get plenty of the sauce on your face and hands, amplifying the pain. Not certain that is worth it just to get a thousand Blazin’ Rewards post (good for about one entre or appetizer). I’m not in it for the pain, I’m in it to enjoy the heat. So I will just take my time and revel in the wonderful burn delivered by these Carolina Reaper Blazin’ Wings.

2 Salt And Vinegar Seasoning (Mild)

Simply stated on their website, everything you need to know about this dry rub seasoning is in the name. The mildest of all the sauce and seasoning options at Buffalo Wild Wings, Salt and Vinegar is a safe bet for anyone looking to add a little flavor to their wings without any heat.

With only 5 calories per serving and no allergens, this salty and subtly tangy seasoning is easy on the palate and a great option for anyone with an aversion to spicy foods.

Described as “pucker up” citrus with a “pinch of pepper,” this dry rub celebrates a popular flavor combination. While this dry seasoning is considered mild, the pepper does lend itself more than a pinch to the flavor profile.

The sour notes of lemon and kick of pepper make this a mild but bold option without any lingering heat.

It is allergen-free and only 5 calories per serving, making this safe for anyone with dietary restrictions.

Buffalo Wild Wing’s take on the traditional BBQ sauce flavor with some added sweetness. This is the mildest of all their wet sauce offerings. Sweet BBQ Sauce has no heat and is a rich and flavorful alternative to the spicy wings.

You won’t find any allergens in this sauce and only 70 calories a serving. This sauce is an excellent choice on boneless wings for a delicious chicken meal or snack.

BWW describes their Teriyaki Sauce as “bold and savory.” This soy sauce-based is a Japanese classic with salty and umami flavors balanced with sweetness.

In addition to soy, those with dietary restrictions should note that this flavor also contains wheat and gluten.

You can enjoy this sweet and sour, tangy sauce without the risk of surprise heat. At 100 calories per serving, Teriyaki wings are the perfect marriage of Eastern flavors and a Western bar classic.

Everything there is to love about Buffalo Wild Wings Lemon Pepper Seasoning blended with butter to create a full-flavored experience. Lemon pepper wings may have originated in Atlanta, but Buffalo Wild Wings makes them a fan favorite worldwide.

Lemon Pepper Sauce is still a mild option, with no capsaicin heat. It is a rich blend, with 270 calories per serving, and does contain eggs. If you’re looking for a flavorful new favorite, lemon pepper wings have it all.

Buffalo Wild Wings ranks their sauces from “Smilin” to “Screamin.” Mild Sauce is the last in line and rounds out their mild category of sauces. Buffalo sauce traditionally blends butter, vinegar, garlic, and other spices to create a tangy, deep, and intense flavor profile.

Buffalo Wild Wings has taken everything that makes Buffalo Sauce so wildly popular and created a version that substitutes the signature heat for a more subtle hint of spice.

Often compared to training wheels on a bike, this signature sauce finally makes buffalo wings an all-inclusive option.

This mild all-star does contain egg products but only adds 70 calories per serving.

Parmesan Garlic Sauce is the first sauce outside of Buffalo Wild Wing’s green zone. Still considered mild on the heat index, this creamy, cheesy, garlicky favorite has no shortage of flavor or kick!

This thick sauce contains both eggs and milk and comes in at 190 calories per serving.

It is worth the indulgence for both heat seekers and those seeking a great-tasting wing without the intensity of hot peppers. The cool and tangy parmesan cheese cools down the intense garlic flavor. It pairs well with their spicier options to cleanse and cool off your palate.

1 Smoky Adobo Sauce: (Mild-Medium)

One of the newest sauces to join the signature sauce list in 2020, Smoky Adobo features rich chile notes with gentle heat. This Buffalo Wild Wings sauce is a blend of smoky and sweet flavors balanced with a bit of chile spice.

Chipotle, cumin, and garlic bring this flavor profile together, celebrating a Mexican classic with a BBQ sauce finish.

This sauce has a kick that puts it slightly closer to the medium side than mild, but Smoky Adobo sauce is still a few sauces away from Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Sizzlin’” rating.

Smoky Adobo sauce contains no allergens and is low in calories at 35 calories per serving.

Honey BBQ is the most popular wing sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. Not to be confused with Sweet BBQ Sauce, this sauce is packed with all the flavors you expect in a traditional BBQ, with the addition of honey to add sweetness and balance the spice.

Honey BBQ also features red chili peppers, jalapenos, and chipotle peppers, elevating this BBQ sauce on the heat index. In addition to the sweetness from the honey, molasses helps rich and thicken this fan favorite.

With no allergen ingredients and 100 calories, you won’t want to make a trip to BWW and not include an order of Honey BBQ wings.

Once you’ve reached the Medium Sauce, you are entering Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Sizzlin’” category, and with perhaps the most well-known and most recognized offering.

Medium is a traditional buffalo wing sauce. It has the heat you would expect and the flavors and pungency you’ve grown to love from a buffalo wing.

If you are heat-timid but looking for the right way to introduce your taste buds to a more subtle but noticeable kick of cayenne peppers, this sauce will become your staple wing sauce.

There is egg in Medium, and this homage to the original Buffalo classic will add 50 calories per serving to your order.

This dry rub starts to turn up the heat on your wings. The rich, smoky flavors of the chipotle peppers are blended with traditional BBQ flavors. The peppers are fire-roasted and may surprise you with the spicy kick it delivers.

You’ll taste all the components of this rub, making each bite full-flavored and satisfying. The slight heat featured in this rub is less heat and more of a spice.

Chipotle BBQ Seasoning has only 5 calories per serving and has no allergens in its ingredients, making it a crowd-pleasing option.

Rounding out your medium sauces and kicking off the “Sizzlin’” level, Spicy Garlic Sauce is and fresh take on your traditional buffalo sauce. It features the heat and buffalo flavors you want on a buffalo wing kicked up with the addition of garlic.

BWW advertises this sauce as “buffalo with a kick of garlic.” This spicy and garlicky option delivers on that promise. If you’re a fan of traditional buffalo sauce, this sauce is the perfect way to try something you love in a new way.

Spicy Garlic Sauce contains eggs and will add 70 calories per serving to your wing order.

Buffalo Wild Wings introduced this take-out classic inspired sauce in 2020. This sauce features all the flavors you would expect, soy, orange, and cayenne peppers. It has the sweetness Orange Chicken is famous for, a sweet and sour flavor profile, and a nice kick from the peppers.

The spiciness in the Orange Chicken sauce is more spice and less heat and is described as mild chili pepper.

Orange Chicken Sauce has 90 calories per serving, and if you have dietary restrictions, soy, wheat, and gluten may make Orange Chicken Sauce a no-go for you. Otherwise, this is a fun way to enjoy one of your favorite Chinese food menu items BWW style.

Asian Zing is one of Buffalo Wild Wings’ classic signature sauces. Its sweetness comes from traditional Asian flavors like ginger, rice vinegar, and sugar. There is plenty of garlic, soy, and chili pepper to balance out this sauce.

The sweetness is the first thing you taste. The “zing” comes later, making this sauce not just flavorful but an experience.

It is thick and sticky and contains soy, wheat, and gluten. Even with 130 calories per serving, Asian Zing is a must-have on your next Buffalo Wild Wings trip.

Caribbean Jerk Sauce is one of Buffalo Wild Wings’ less traditional wing sauce offerings. If you are looking for a tangy and somewhat spicy wing flavor that isn’t BBQ or Buffalo inspired, then this is the sauce for you.

With the traditional jerk seasoning flavor of Allspice and Scotch Bonnet peppers, this island classic is a must-try.

There are no allergens in Caribbean Jerk Sauce and only 110 calories per serving. Traditional wing lovers will appreciate how the heat builds with each bite, and fans of jerk seasoning will want seconds of this very distinct and original BWW sauce.

Buffalo Wild Wings has taken all the flavors we love in Buffalo Sauce and made it into a dry rub. This 5 calorie, “less messy” alternative to the traditional Buffalo Wing Sauce delivers the signature heat you expect and captures the rich, buttery finish all in a dry rub.

As with all their Buffalo flavored options, this seasoning contains milk. Buffalo seasoning is the perfect way to enjoy the heat and flavor of buffalo wings on BWW’s fries, tots, or onion rings.

With a blend of tequila, lime, and jalapenos, Jammin’ Jalapeno Sauce was initially discontinued by Buffalo Wild Wings. However, it was such a fan-favorite that after customer requests and demands, BWW brought this spicy, tangy, and citrusy sauce back to its menu in 2018.

The jalapeno heat is not subtle in this sauce, and it has a sticky and jam-like texture.

With 130 calories per serving and no allergens, one order of Jammin’ Jalapeno wings is all you’ll need to understand the demand from loyal BWW patrons.

Buffalo Wild Wings describes Thai Curry Sauce as “spicy and savory with curry flavors.” This sauce is on the spicier side. With cayenne peppers and red curry, Thai Curry wings will offer you a depth of flavor and a lingering kick.

Everything you love about Thai flavors comes together in this rich and flavorful sauce. The heat and the spice are balanced with cooling coconut. It is a full-flavored sauce with no holding back on seasoning.

There are 220 calories per serving in Thai Curry, and it contains egg, milk, soy, coconut, wheat, and gluten, making this the highest in calories and allergens.

Nashville Hot Sauce celebrates the difference between hot and spicy. This flavor-packed sauce knows how to bring the heat. It is sweeter than a traditional Buffalo Sauce and doesn’t feature the signature vinegar flavors.

Nashville Hot Sauce is the perfect way to enjoy the heat on your wings other than with a Buffalo or BBQ sauce.

Introduced initially as a sauce for their chicken sandwiches, Nashville Hot quickly becomes a hot wing classic.

With 60 calories per serving and no allergens, Nashville Hot Sauce is a guilt-free way to enjoy satisfyingly hot wings, Nashville style.

The Original Buffalo Sauce was added to the BWW menu to reignite the wing-lovers passion for the type of heat and vinegary flavor that made Buffalo Wings famous in the first place.

This homage to the original hot wing has all the makings of a signature Buffalo Sauce.

Butter, garlic, vinegar, cayenne peppers, and hot sauce come together to make this 170-calorie sauce.

It contains milk and soy, both adding to the richness and the pungency you are looking for from this reimagined New York staple.

Coming in right after the Original Buffalo Sauce, Hot Sauce takes the intense heat and cranks it up. Hot Sauce is the hottest buffalo sauce offered on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, and it does not hold anything back.

There is an element of smokiness that makes this sauce a blend of buffalo heat with BBQ smoke. The heat is perfect for true lovers of capsaicin heat but still want the traditional buffalo flavor.

And with no allergens and only 70 calories per serving, there is no reason to hold back on trying this fired-up Hot Sauce.

Few flavor combinations compliment each other the way sweet mangos and spicy habaneros do. This well-known sauce is always a crowd-pleaser. The heat of the habanero peppers is almost immediately tempered with the sticky sweetness of mango.

With no allergens and 110 calories per serving, Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero is one of those perfect flavors that will have you reaching for more while not even being aware of the building heat. It is perfectly balanced and a must-have on every trip to BWW.

The hottest sauce before the incomparable Blazin’ Carolina Reaper, Wild Sauce, is the hottest buffalo sauce on BWW’s menu.

Wild Sauce has Buffalo Wild Wings’ signature Buffalo Sauce base and introduces a powerful combination of cayenne pepper, red chili pepper, jalapeno pepper, and habanero pepper.

The intense flavor combination delivers the quintessential hot wing experience with no allergens and only 70 calories per serving. This is the ultimate Buffalo Sauce for bold wing connoisseurs.

“Fiery pepper with a touch of smoke” is how Buffalo Wild Wings describes the hottest of their dry seasonings. Desert Heat Seasoning has the smokiness featured in their Chipotle BBQ with the addition of some intense heat.

Like all BWW’s dry seasonings, you can enjoy this heat forward rub without worrying about allergens or calories. At 5 calories per serving, Desert Heat Seasoning is a guilt-free way to enjoy one of the hottest wings offered at Buffalo Wild Wings.


How hot is the Blazin sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings?

At 350,000 Scoville units, Blazin’ sauce is 60x hotter than jalapeño peppers and requires fans to sign a waiver before attempting the spicy challenge.

Is Blazin sauce really that spicy?

At 350,000 Scoville units, the Blazin’ sauce is 60 times hotter than jalepeño peppers. Many YouTubers try the challenge and it often takes multiple attempts.

What does Blazin sauce taste like?

It has a very thick almost bbq sauce like consistency but has that slight bitter/sourness that most super hot chili peppers tend to have with a little bit of a vinegar node. BUT the smokiness of the peppers mix well and the burn builds on the more you eat. They are delicious for those of us with high heat tolerances.

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