Will Bleach Kill Honeysuckle

Is this possible? We moved in to an extremely neglected home and yard in December. We hacked everything back as best we could, but now the honeysuckle, poison ivy, english ivy, virginia creeper and some other vine I dont know the name of are coming back with a vengance. I dont know what to do to get rid of them completely besides pulling and pulling and pulling. I cant really round up that much bc they are in the middle of beds with shrubs that I am trying to resurrect. Related Stories

How to kill honeysuckle without chemicals

Use a mixture of vinegar, salt, and water. Be careful what you spray, because it will kill anything you touch.

After donning your long sleeves and pants, gloves, and glasses, you’re ready to spray the wild honeysuckle honeysuckle that is invading the garden. While a 20% vinegar solution will kill the foliage, killing the roots requires more powerful methods, such as glyphosate.

Round up did not work on it. It killed everything but the morning glory just popped back up!

Honeysuckle also attracts hummingbirds! But, Roundup wont harm your soil, it only kills the plants you spray it on and within 7 days you can replant the area after the plant dies. I have used it successfully to kill off a patch of grass and a week later planted great veggies.

Like they said… some folks are highly allergic to it and if you have allergy enduced asthma your in trouble living around the invasive stuff. I appreciate the benefits it provides but must do it from someone elses yard. Advertisement Also, my problem is, its been on this property for over 70 years or more and it is killing everything! I will give the remedy listed above a try. Thanks!

Use a mixture of vinegar, salt and water, be careful what you spray because it will kill anything it touches.

I try to catch it at first sprout and with thick gloves on, I use vinegar and dawn in a spray bottle and cut the sprout off as close to the ground as possible, take aim and spray directly on the upcoming honeysuckle. Sometimes I miss some and my husband will take care of them for me. But Ive had good luck with this combo of mixing Cider vinegar and dawn dish soap in a spray bottle that will spray a straight line. I have used it on poison ivy, which Im not allergic to, go figure!

Will the poison ivy killer kill the honeysuckle?

Use Ortho GroundClear Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer1 to kill poison ivy, poison oak, and wild blackberry. It also kills honeysuckle, kudzu, ragweed, dandelion, and other listed weeds. Kill weeds to the roots.


Does vinegar kill honeysuckle?

Related Articles. After donning long sleeves and pants, gloves and safety glasses, you’re ready to spray the wild honeysuckle vines that are taking over the garden. While a 20 percent vinegar solution kills the foliage, to kill the roots requires stronger methods, such as glyphosate.

How do you kill an invasive honeysuckle?

Typically you can remove the invasive plant by cutting the plant stem as close to the ground as possible, then applying an appropriate herbicide (you can find this at gardening centers, Home Depot, or Lowe’s) to the cut stem.

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