Are Corsages Still A Thing For Prom 2021

Though the traditional corsages and boutonnieres are still extremely popular, we’re seeing the addition of more bouquets and softer colors. In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne shares an on-trend prom bouquet with gorgeous garden roses from Enjoy!

Should You Choose a Bouquet or Corsage for Prom?

Choosing between a bouquet and corsage for your prom flowers doesn’t have to be confusing. Both look stunning, but they hold their own benefits. A major aspect of the decision is your personal preference. You want to feel confident and beautiful at prom, and your floral arrangement can help add a sparkle to your whole outfit.

Here are reasons you may want to choose a bouquet for prom:

  • A bouquet looks amazing in prom photos.
  • More flowers are in a bouquet floral arrangement than in a corsage.
  • You don’t have to wear the bouquet on your wrist all night.
  • Here are reasons to choose a corsage for prom:

  • Corsages are much cheaper than bouquets — a custom bouquet can significantly drive up the price of prom flowers.
  • Corsages are a prom tradition.
  • You don’t have to worry about where to place your bouquet at the dance because you’ll wear the corsage on your wrist.
  • You can wear your corsage in other places than your wrist, styling it in your hair or pinning it on your dress.
  • Ultimately, what you select comes down to personal preference and how much money you or your date are comfortable spending on prom flowers. Either option would make a beautiful addition to your prom dress.

    Whether you decide on a bouquet or a corsage, your floral arrangement should match your dress and your personality. You can browse through many types of corsages or bouquets to get ideas of what you may want for your prom look. Choose a style you love that makes you feel confident, whether your dress is classic or unique.

    Learn about some of the different styles of prom flower designs that can match an array of fashion preferences:

  • Classic wrist corsage: This corsage is one of the most popular options for prom. It’s comfortable to wear on your wrist, and you can choose different colors to match your dress.
  • Nosegay bouquet: A nosegay bouquet is a small hand-held flower arrangement. This style suits people who want a few extra blooms and would rather hold their flowers instead of wearing them on their wrist or dress.
  • Metallic accents: You can get creative with the look of a wrist corsage and wear flowers that have metallic hardware details or cuffs. Choose from yellow or rose gold or silver shades based on what complements your outfit.
  • Corsage rings: Instead of wearing the corsage on your wrist, you wear it as a ring with this style. These cute, tiny corsages are a cool way to take a traditional corsage and make it new.
  • Armband corsages: If you want a unique way to wear your corsage, an armband may be ideal for you. A lovely metal wire with a variety of floral designs snakes around your upper arm instead of your wrist.
  • Succulents: Are you not into flowers? Go for a corsage of succulents. These unique and trendy designs look stunning in a corsage, boutonniere or bouquet.
  • Bling: Add some bling into your bouquet or corsage for more sparkle in your prom attire. Jewel details and glittery ribbons can give you a glamourous look.
  • Tiny corsages: Tiny corsages are perfect for prom night if you don’t want to worry about a large floral arrangement on your wrist. This corsage is a wonderful option for people looking for a delicate accessory for their prom dress.
  • Faux flowers: People who prefer DIY projects can create their own prom flower arrangements. Get crafty and use faux flowers, feathers, felt or any materials you want to incorporate.
  • Prom corsage ideas are probs not at the top of your list when researching for the big night, especially when you have, like, 348 other things (like your outfit, shoes and beauty look…) to prepare. But hear us out: the right corsage can make—or break—your look. If you’re totally lost when it comes to fleurs to choose and the closest thing you have to a green thumb is scrolling through pics of plants on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Gone are the days of perfectly done-up arrangements with bows and stretchy white elastics. The corsages of 2022 are smaller and feature beautiful ribbon or fabrics to tie the arrangement onto the wrist. Scroll through the gallery below for all the inspo you need and bring a screenshot of your fave to your florist before the big day.


    Prom flowers also have come along way, and there are now many ways to make them creative and unique (remember, uniquemeans one of a kind, not unusual). This generation is all about personalization, so to capture their attention, make sure your prom designs are modern, custom and personalized—with artistic flair.

    Proms are important seasonal events for florists that can generate needed revenue as well as an opportunity to reach new customers who, with just the right offerings and service, could be turned into future regular flower buyers.

    Make it fun and easy to order prom flowers. How can you make selling and designing prom flowers fun and easy? By utilizing modern and efficient design production as well as sales techniques geared to these Gen Z customers. With the right planning and preparation, you can have a successful prom season and grow your business by instilling a love of flowers in a new generation of consumers.

    Are Corsages Still A Thing For Prom 2021

    Are Corsages Still A Thing For Prom 2021

    Rachelle Nyswonger-Neal, AIFD, CFD, owner of Flowers by Rachelle in Chico, Calif., is celebrating her 25th year in business, and she has seen proms evolve over those many years. Flowers by Rachelle offers amazing prom flowers, and the staff sets up up a “corsage bar” to make the sale easier and more fun. Nyswonger-Neal encourages customers to come into the store to make their purchases so they can see all of the shop’s myriad prom flower options. If they cannot come in person, she recommends that they send her pictures of their dresses so she can create designs that complement the colors and styles. “Make a connection, and create a future customer,” she says. “Over the years, I have had many brides and grooms come to me because I did their prom flowers. Proms provide a great opportunity to create future customers and gain future sales.”


    Do people still wear corsages at prom?

    Prom dates typically wear matching corsage and boutonniere flower arrangements, and a boutonniere is often the male equivalent of a corsage. Wearing a corsage is a long-standing tradition for prom accessories. Even if you’re going to the dance solo, you can treat yourself to a stunning corsage.

    Are corsages outdated?

    The most popular flowers for prom are roses and Dendrobium orchids. You want to offer a selection of small lightweight flowers that hold up well out of water, such as Delphinium florets, Ranunculus, Hypericum berries, succulents, button spray mums, and miniature Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium orchids.

    Why do girls wear corsages at prom?

    Additionally, “Boutonnieres and corsages are no longer necessary—they are a little outdated—corsages more so than boutonnieres.

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