Did Flamingo And Kirsten Break Up

Unfortunately, they broke up on June 3rd, 2022.

Why Did Albert And Kirsten Break Up?

The duo first met at McDonalds when they were in high school, and they started dating in high school, but the couple broke up and parted ways. After Albert broke up with the beauty blogger lanatheesty, he started dating Kirsten in the same month. There is no information about their life story on the internet. They were an on and off couple who had faced many ups and downs in their relationship. But the fans are curious whether Are Albert And Kirsten Still Together 2021?

All the gamers are very familiar with Albert or Flamingo as he identifies himself. He is an American YouTuber famous for his videos on Roblox games. Albert is 24 years old and was born in New Jersey, United States. He owns two channels – Flamingo and AlbersStuff, where he posts vlogs and content about his daily life. He had to shift to the Flamingo channel as one to increase his income. Albert is a pet lover and has two cats, and they have an Instagram account as well. He was previously dating the beauty blogger lanatheesty. But the couple broke up in 2018. Later in the same year, he started dating Kirsten, a YouTuber.

Kirsten is a Twitch streamer who was famous for live streaming Fortnite gameplay. She gained popularity after Albert introduced her as his girlfriend on his channel. Soon after that, all his fans started following her on TikTok and Instagram. Kirsten loves to ride bikes and posts pictures with her RC390. She is bubbly and cute on Flamingos channel but quite the opposite on her channel. Her Instagram account has more than 300k followers. Kirstens youtube channel FoxKirsten Roblox has 500k subscribers.

Are Albert And Kirsten Still Together 2021?

Youtube has become a famous platform for you to exhibit your talents to a larger group audience. There are no restrictions on who should start a channel on youtube. The average public uses this as a source of income and bonds with their followers. The primary target audience was gamers who like to stream their gameplay live to the public. Popular gamers like Albert and Kirsten rose to fame with their Youtube and Twitch channels.

Over a year, Kirsten and Albert are the centers of attraction. Ever since they were in high school, they were together. However, there were times the two split apart but were end up being together. But we know they are meant to be together. Therefore, fans are very curious to know are they still together? Or they had a breakup? Well, the couple did break for a while but got together in December 2018. They are still together. Kirsten and Albert share their snap-on gram from time to time. The most beautiful YT couple is still together, happily enjoying themselves.

Albert Spencer Artez, born on 11th June 1997 is an American Youtuber. His Youtube channel Albertstuff and Flamingo have an enormous following in America. As of 30th July 2021, the Flamingo has 9.51 million subscribers, and 6,904,015,699 views, and Albertstuff has around 81k subscribers. Albert is known for his pretty childish and hilarious content. The 23 years old Youtuber lives in Florida, as most of his family members live in Florida. Albert loves music and is a big fan of musicians like Tyler, the Creator Clairo, My Chemical Romance, The Doors, and The Beatles. Moreover, he claims his biggest inspiration is Game Grumps.

Kirsten and Albert have had many ups and downs in their relationship over the years. They started dating in high school and had breakups many times but end up being together. Moreover, they are the most loved YouTube couple in the country. Both look cute together, and their fans loved them. Did they had a breakup?

He got a lot of fame and recognition from his first Youtube channel that he created back in July 2012. However, he switched to his present channel Flamingo as YT kept on deleting his videos. On 15th September 2015, Albert posted his first blog entitled ‘sorry late for the school,’ gains millions of likes. He finally understood his fans have an interest in his personal life. Thereafter he was showing Video blogs. His favorite video game is ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.’ Albert has a great interest in sports and loves skateboarding. It can be seen in most of the his YT videos. He has a pet dog name Bedrock, whom he owns with his girlfriend, Kristen.

Did Kirsten and Albert break up? Albert Spencer is more famously known as Flamingo is a renowned American Youtuber, making headlines as he had a breakup with his girlfriend. Well, you heard of the news, here is all that we know. In the article, firstly, we will talk about who is Albert Spencer? Secondly, we will discuss his girlfriend Kirsten? And thereafter, about their break up? Flamingo mostly uploads Roblox gaming videos, and the reason he stands out from the other Youtubers is because of his entertaining and humorous videos. His sweetheart Kirsten is a social media star and also his companion for his YT videos. They both met at McDonald’s eatery after that, started dating each other. Kirsten has a Youtube channel by the name of Foxkirsten. It was only after she started dating Albert, her channel gained many subscribers. She created her YT channel in 2015 but only posted her first video in 2019.

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