Kfc Original Vs Extra Crispy

1. Are the 11 herbs and spices listed above [we sent them the recipe] the ingredients for Colonel Sanders Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken?

2. Am I interpreting the answer regarding the recipe correctly: that KFC/Yum is not willing to specifically address whether the recipe the Tribune provided is indeed the original recipe? A “yes,” “no” or “no comment” would be helpful.Advertisement

3. Where is the Original Recipe for KFC kept, and what safeguards are in place to protect it from getting out?

4. Does KFC Corporation use multiple suppliers to produce and mix its Original Recipe blend so that no one entity is privy to the recipe?Advertisement

5. Does KFC continue to use the Colonels Original Recipe to make its fried chicken, or has the recipe been modified over the years?

What some people may not know, is that in the 1970s we added an additional recipe – Extra Crispy Chicken. Extra Crispy is double breaded by hand with a unique mix of herbs and spices then it is open fried. By comparison, Original Recipe uses the 11 herbs and spices, is hand breaded once and pressure fried in Colonels unique method.

All of our major menu item ingredients are listed on our website, as well as certain ingredients you would like to avoid.

7. Is there MSG (flavor enhancer) in the Original Recipe chicken now served at KFC stores?

Yes, there are trace amounts of MSG in Original Recipe chicken, which we disclose on our website in our menu item ingredients.


One of the main and the most obvious differences between the original and extra crispy chicken is the texture. It’s achieved by preparation and ingredients, as well as the frying method.

KFC’s original chicken is juicy and tender with a slight crisp on the edges and the chicken skin on the pieces. On the other hand, the extra crispy chicken is as the name suggests very crunchy on the outside and a bit dryer on the inside compared to the original.

This difference made the eternal battle between people who like that extra crunch and those who appreciate the taste of the original over the crispiness.

What is KFC extra crispy?

When the KFC original recipe was well-established, the company added one more thing on the menu and that was the KFC extra crispy chicken back in 1970.

This was one more successful recipe that increased the popularity of the brand and forever divided the customers into those who love the original taste and those who like KFC crunchy chicken.

Just like every other recipe in this company, this one is also kept under a lock and only a few people know what goes into the spice blend. But, it’s comforting to know that even Colonel always claimed you have all the ingredients on your shelf.

Does this mean you can prepare the recipe at home? Well, many chefs tried over the years but no one got the perfect blend of spices so far.

All the secrecy around the famous recipes made people just want more crispy chicken and those delicious chicken bites that melt in your mouth.

The Preparation

We mentioned earlier that the Extra Crispy chicken gains its appearance and texture due to the fact that it is coated with not just one, but two layers of its spicy, herby coating. It is then placed in an open fryer.

Original Recipe chicken, however, only has one layer of coating, and then it is placed into a pressure fryer.

So, while the chicken used is exactly the same for both variations, the preparation is vastly different. This, as an end result, produces two very different (and delicious) forms of fried chicken!


Is KFC extra crispy chicken good?

The Original Recipe chicken is fried in a pressure fryer, while Extra Crispy chicken is fried in an open fryer. Both types of chicken still end up being deliciously crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside, but the Extra Crispy chicken is a lot crispier than the Original Recipe.

When was KFC extra crispy introduced?

If you’re at KFC and can’t get enough fried chicken breading, Extra Crispy would have to be your choice; there’s a fair bit more breading and crunch than Original Recipe. The flavor is good but it’s just not the herby Original Recipe I know and love.

Are all KFC tenders extra crispy?

KFC introduced its own “Extra Crispy Chicken” in 1972.

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